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How does the investment process work on Manhattan Street Capital?

Investment process for ICOs/STOs and conventional offerings. 

Step 1

The investor enters the investment process by clicking on the "Invest Now" button on the offering page.

Step 2 

The investor completes the form and provides us with all the information that is needed to make an investment. This step doesn't take longer than 5-8 minutes.

Step 3 

The investor decides which payment method fits them the best, and send the payment. Manhattan Street Capital supports; Wire transfer, ACH, Debit and Credit card, Check.

Some companies may decide to only accept cryptocurrency payments.

Step 4

The issuer company receives the payment. When the offering has a minimum raise amount, the money first gets deposited into the issuer company's escrow account and stays there, until the minimum amount gets exceeded. 

Step 5

Manhattan Street Capital runs an AML check on the investor to make sure that everything is fine.

Step 6 

In the case of Reg D offerings, the issuer company has to verify it's investors to be accredited. We have a built-in solution for this in our system to assist companies that retain us. 

Step 7 

We send the subscription agreement to the investor who signs it.

Step 8

The issuer company accepts investor and investor funds by countersigning the Subscription Agreement. 

Step 9

In the case of an STO, the company's Smart Contract issues the investor's tokens and transfers them to the investor's wallet. In a conventional offering, the company issues its shares to the investor. 

If there is a minimum capital raise amount, the share or token issuance is delayed until the minimum is exceeded.


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