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How much does a Reg S offering cost?

Costs for a Regulation S offering

This list is intended to summarize the costs for guidance and information purposes.  It is not precise, and it is not a binding proposal. Most fees below are paid directly to the relevant service provider.

When needed, we will refer you to all the needed service providers for a very successful Reg S. We will also advise you and the service providers as allowed by the SEC regulations.

  • Legal fee: $9k - $30k, depending on complexity.
  • Marketing costs: We introduce experienced and efficient marketing agencies to you and help you manage them. The early-stage expenses of preparing the marketing content, the offering page, and advertising will be approximately $25k. The marketing cost will likely range from 6% to 10% of capital raised (not charged as a %) - depending on how appealing the company is to investors and on how well the marketing is implemented. Manhattan Street Capital brings in excellent marketing agencies and we advise you to help maximize the efficiency of the marketing programs.
  • Generally, Reg S offerings will cost 10% to 12% (MSC fees are not charged as a %) of capital raised plus warrants, depending on how much appeal your company has to investors and on the size of the capital raise (larger raises are usually more cost-effective).
  • To reach the point that the offering is raising money online, total costs will likely run about $40k and can be more with complex offering documents and with multiple videos on the offering page.


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