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IPO with Manhattan Street Capital

Do you want to take your company public to the NASDAQ?

Manhattan Street Capital helps companies to raise up to $75 million in growth capital and go public using Regulation A+.

Check how easily your Company can be marketed Online via Reg A+

Why Reg A+ is an attractive method for companies that are looking to go public

  • Raise capital with higher Efficiency and at lower cost – A Regulation A+ capital raise can be performed faster, more efficiently, and significantly more cost-effectively than a conventional S-1 or S-3 Secondary.
  • Publicly Market your Capital Raise – You may advertise and market a Regulation A+ offering online allowing you to generate demand. Say goodbye to the boring tombstone ads. You can run “Test the Waters” ads before the offering to assess the level of interest for your offering before you decide to file it with the SEC.
  • Attract Investors of any Wealth Level – A Regulation A+ offering can be marketed worldwide to investors of any wealth level, unlike a Reg D offering which is limited to accredited investors only. This opens the door to an enormous pool of potential investors.
  • Simpler State Regulation - Market your offering to a large customer list spread out over many states, inviting them to participate in your offering.
  • Selling Shareholders - Regulation A+ allows affiliates of a company to sell up to 30% of the capital raised.
  • Uplisting – OTC listed companies may find a Regulation A+ offering to be a highly efficient path to raise significant capital while preparing the company to uplist to the NASDAQ or the NYSE.

Watch Rod Turner's webinar on; How To IPO To The NASDAQ Using Reg A+ And Post Offering Liquidity Briefing For Non-IPOs

For companies with consumer appeal
Regulation A+ works best for mid-stage companies and mature startups that have great consumer appeal.
Raise $4M- $75M +
With Regulation A+ companies can raise up to $75 million per year.
Anyone can invest
Investors don't need to be wealthy. Regulation A+ makes it possible for investors of any wealth level, including your customers to invest in your company.
Cost-effective alternative
The costs of a Regulation A+ IPO are significantly lower than for a conventional listing. As a top-level view, costs for a completed offering should be expected at around 10% of capital raised. (NOT charged as a percentage)

What we offer

We assist you through the whole capital raising process to achieve a successful offering. Our website technology integrates the necessary services so you can make your offering work efficiently on a custom page dedicated to your offering on Manhattan Street Capital.

Our services can be divided into two main categories; Hosting and Project Management.


  • List your offering on our platform on its own custom offering page
  • Use of our easy Invest Now system.
  • Automated AML checks
  • Investor accreditation verification when needed
  • Wide variety of payment options
  • Worldwide investor base
  • Private investing mode
  • Integrated ad traffic tracking to optimize the marketing campaign
  • Automated emails to investors
  • Online subscription agreement signing
  • Archival for compliance purposes

Project Management

  • We help assess if Reg A+ is likely to work for your company.
  • Project management assistance through the whole journey
  • Introductions to and assist in management of all the needed service providers.
  • We train your staff on what is allowed in an offering and how to do the marketing effectively
  • Help you ensure compliance with the regulations.

Check how easily your Company can be marketed Online via Reg A+

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