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  • Exploring Merger with SPAC

    This is where you present your company to the SPACs that are looking for Acquisitions so they can find you.

    Describe your business, technology, and stage here. State the type of SPAC or deal you are interested in.

    Provide enough information that the SPAC buyers can reasonably assess their level of interest.

    Approach the SPACS that you like directly.

  • Funded, Listed SPAC Buyer

    Your SPAC should already be public, listed on the NASDAQ or NYSE and funded to post in this forum

    This is where you present your SPAC to the audience so that companies that are looking to sell can find you.

    Describe the focus of your SPAC, the types of companies and technologies that you are interested in Acquiring.

    Provide enough information so that prospective Sellers can decide to approach you or not.

    Find target companies in the "Exploring Sale to SPAC" Forum.

    Approach the target companies that you like directly