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About us

What is Manhattan Street Capital?

Manhattan Street Capital is the premier online fundraising platform that helps companies to make their IPO, and raise capital, using Direct Listings, Regulation A+ and Regulation D, Regulation S and also to make STO or Blockchain offerings that use Reg A+ or Reg D to be legitimate securities offerings.

The companies that intend to raise capital with one of these regulations can list their offering on our website, to increase the success and cost efficiency of their raise. We provide a very easy-to-use Invest Now system, which is a must in online fundraising.  Manhattan Street Capital supports the IPO and funding process from start to end; we assist companies that retain us with project management and coordination to increase the likelihood of success. We offer several other services, that can be found on our Services page.

We work with mid-stage companies and mature startups that we consider a good fit for Reg A+. In our opinion, a company’s consumer appeal is the most important factor (once we have established the strength of the management team, a strong strategy, large and growing market, rapid growth rate and barriers to competition). A large and happy customer base and tremendous consumer appeal are very indicative of success.

We especially like Real Estate, Food & Beverage, IoT Internet of Things, Cancer, Alzheimers, Autoimmune treatments and other Biotechs, Personal Security, Pain Treatment, Tech Gadgets, VR&AR (Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality), 3D Printing, Drones, Alternative Energy, Electric Vehicles, SmartPhone gadgets, and Apps. In the blockchain, we like companies that can build large and dynamic token ecosystems and that enhance the blockchain. These businesses are more likely to appeal to consumers/investors and the likelihood of a successful offering is significantly higher.

We believe that global warming has become a critical problem and that it is probably too late to solve through gradually reducing greenhouse gas production. For this reason, we are particularly looking to assist companies that are developing specialized technologies to rebuild the earth's ozone layer or to directly reduce greenhouse gases in the atmosphere to reverse global warming.

Reg A+ makes it possible for mid staged companies to increase their business, make acquisitions, come up with new products or expand their business with the maximum $75 million per year that Reg A+ allows. We expect Reg A+ to grow to be a $60 Billion per year capital raising market as it becomes established and proven over time

Our mission

Our goal is to build on the inherent potential of Regulation A+ to become the market share leading online capital raising platform for Reg A+ offerings. We hope to extend Reg A+ up to full IPOs to the NASDAQ and NYSE. We believe that when Reg A+ hits its stride it will become a $60 bill per year capital market. We provide focus and services targetted at the sweet spot for Reg A+; which is mid-stage companies that are too far along for Venture Capital and too small for Private Equity or a traditional IPO.

We were the first Reg A+ capital raising platform to launch in May of 2015 - we initially launched under the name Fund Athena. We subsequently expanded our scope and renamed the company Manhattan Street Capital. Fund Athena continues as a major program in which we provide extra services to businesses led by women.

We love the fact that online capital raising is all about the merit of the ideas, the team, and the market, not about ethnicity or gender. The online process lends itself to transparency, efficiency, and fairness.

It is my intention that when MSC achieves sufficient scale and profitability, we will fund levered altruistic programs to help the less fortunate in lasting ways designed to have maximum scale of effect.

Rod Turner 
Founder and CEO. 


Rod Turner
Founder, Chairman & CEO
Christopher J. Daly
Strategic Advisor
Peter Larsen
Director of Project Management
Travis Osterhaus
Marketing Advisor
Jilaine Yu
Senior Project Manager
Marieliz Rodriguez
Executive Assistant to the CEO
Józsa Bálint
Product Manager
Richard Swart
Strategic Advisor
Roberto Medrano
Blockchain Advisor
Filip Polus
Strategic Advisor for Asia
Jeffrey C. Thacker
Corporate Counsel
Stephen Brock
Alternative Go-to-Market and Growth Funding Strategies for Life Sciences


Our Mentor Program, connects companies with a network of experienced professionals. Mentors will share their successes and lessons learned from their entrepreneurial endeavors so you can apply best practices to your company.

Founder and technology innovator at nCourt, safeBond and GovernmentWindow, specializing in the processes of citizen/government interaction. Author of books on business and family law.  Semi-retired attorney, former elected Magistrate Judge, admitted to practice in Georgia, Federal Courts, US Tax Court and SCOTUS.  Founded three companies that grew to +$20m revenue from launch (one is now over $200m).  Licensed USCG Master Captain, 35 years married father of four and lifelong student of human process. Currently spends some time as general counsel/consigliore to several small businesses and nonprofits when not tinkering with whatever motor happens to be lying about.

Bob has been a top level executive at several leading companies. He has expertise in recruiting, building and managing the team, innovative product enhancement, and patents. Former CFO of Symantec, Flextronics, Juniper, and Verifone

Ken is a Director in Letou Research and is based in Hong Kong, leads the financial and risk operations in Greater China and other APAC countries and advises international and domestic companies in China and Hong Kong on risk management solutions. He helps companies to better understand what specific risks their businesses face and assists them to design mitigation solutions, so they can seize opportunities for growth.

Ken has extensive experience providing multinational companies in China and Hong Kong with solutions in business intelligence, reputational due diligence, and compliance-related reviews. He routinely helps clients to evaluate risks in their investment decisions, responding to and collecting information on fraud, and providing context on Chinese and Hong Kong regulatory issues.

Ken also regularly supports Chinese companies from the globe in going-abroad projects, and helps them to understand and prepare for dealing with complex security matters, conducting threat assessments, providing context on local political and social relationships that may affect the sustainability of their operations, and evaluating foreign business partners.

Letou Research has an in-depth business network among APAC countries. Become our partner and together we’ll unlock new markets and new revenue streams.

An entrepreneur specializing in software companies and real estate with over 20 successful start-ups, including two IPOs. He is co-author of the award-winning best seller, The Entrepreneur's Roadmap to Success.

Business strategy consultant and adviser with over 25 years of operating experience. Focusing on marketing, sales, new product and business development initiatives to increase revenues and accelerate company valuations. Former Product Group Manager, Symantec

After 62 years in business, Mr. Montgomery continues to bring a unique and varied set of experiences to share with our clients. He has made valuable contacts with his International activity with 24 years in Asia and 15 years in Spain and England.  He contracted with Hong Kong’s billionaire, Li Ka Shing, to Project Manage the total construction of the new CitiBank building in Hong Kong.  He also contracted with HSBC Bank HK to perform a Quantity Survey on every contract in force at the time for building the bank's new Norman Foster-designed headquarters.

Mr. Wong has been CEO of three technology companies; Board Director of Technology companies, Non-Profits, and Educational Institutions. As an entrepreneur he has raised over $180M in equity funding, formed strategic partnerships and investments with over a dozen international companies, and completed M&As. .

For over 12 years, Andrew has been an inventive marketing and equity raising linchpin creating new growth for organizations and enhancing current equity acquisition through both offline and online strategies.

With the ongoing need and pressure to quickly adapt to new and changing technology, Andrew has a knack for engaging and aligning retail investors toward the vision of the organization in an authentic way.

Dan pilots products from concept through market development and placement. He can help reduce expenses, leverage technology, enhance performance, improve customer satisfaction, and increase sales. Former VP of Marketing at AST Computers.

Previous GM of HP Software, CEO Polivec, President Finjan, Executive VP Akana, Executive Sun Microsystems, Advisor, Board Member

Board Members

Rod Turner
Chairman of the Board, and CEO of Manhattan Street Capital. Rod was one of the top executives for two successful tech IPOs to the NASDAQ – Symantec (SYMC) and Ashton-Tate (TATE). Turner has played a key role in building startups to scale, including Symantec/Norton, Ashton-Tate, MicroPort, Knowledge Adventure and more. He is an experienced investor who has built a Venture Capital business (Irvine Ventures) and has made numerous angel and mezzanine investments in successful High Tech companies.

Michael Keddington
Michael is the former CEO and Director of two early-stage software companies (one sold to Dell) and two LED Lighting technology companies. His thirty plus year career in the technology industry includes leadership roles in sales, marketing, and business development with market-leading companies including Symantec, Intel, Oracle, and Covisint, as well as numerous startups.