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IdentifySensors Biologics
Make an investment in IdentifySensors Biologics.
Edoceo Devices
Your Investment Helps Fight Against Deadly Bacteria & Viruses
Manhattan Street Fund
Private offering for wealthy investors
CalTier Realty Fund
Invest in exclusive Multi-Family Real Estate with Low Fees and Flexible Redemption Plans
Impossible Foods
Offering Completed - Your Rare Opportunity to access Pre-IPO Stock in Impossible Foods
Manhattan Street Fund - Reg A+ Test the Waters
Make a reservation to invest in the Manhattan Street Fund - $200 minimum 
InSitu Biologics
Invest in Anestagel. A new, opioid-free painkiller.
InSitu Biologics(C)
  InSitu Biologics: AnestaGel™
The first truly affordable electric vehicle. Reg A+ IPO to the NASDAQ. Raised $19.5 million of which $4 mill was raised online from individual...
Completed S-1 IPO NASDAQ: GNPX Lung Cancer Clinical Stage Gene Therapy
GolfSuites 1
Earn an annual dividend of 8%, paid monthly. $500 minimum investment
Mark4Fund has raised its maximum of $7.75 million and is not accepting new investments. Thank you! Highlights 20% Projected IRR Capital Return To...
ERC Homebuilders 1
Offering Completed - Earn an annual dividend of 8%, paid monthly. $500 minimum investment

Informal marketing test of Company offerings to gather input from our members and to assess if they should embark on a Reg A+ offering

Completed AuditionCompanies in Audition are market testing investor interest and want your feedback.
How raising funds works on Manhattan Street Capital
Prepare for the offering

We introduce and you sign up the service providers, legal, audit, marketing.

Get Qualified by the SEC

Apply to the SEC for your Reg A+ offering and get Qualified.

Market your company offering

The marketing agency promotes your offering to investors. 

Accept Capital, Issue Shares

Make closings regularly as funds received.

How investing works on Manhattan Street Capital
Complete the investment process

Fill out the investment forms and make a payment via check, ACH, debit card or wire.

Receive your shares

When the company makes the next closing your investment will be converted into shares.

Own shares of the company!

Enjoy the benefits of being a shareholder. 

What we do

Our first step is to help assess if Reg A+ (and in select cases, Reg D and Reg S) is a good fit for your business and funding needs. 

When needed we introduce you to brokers that are relevant to your needs and help you get a fair deal with them. We will help you prepare your pitch to them if needed. Manhattan Street Capital works with broker-dealers that charge a cost-effective 1% fee on Reg A+ offerings.

We assist companies through the whole capital raising journey, always driving to accomplish cost-effective and successful offerings. Our website technology integrates the necessary services so companies can make their offering work efficiently. We provide KYC services,
every investor must pass an AML check, and we integrate the investor Accreditation Verification process for Reg D 506c offerings.

We introduce, integrate with, and manage select Marketing agencies, Securities attorneys, Broker Dealers, Underwriters, Market Makers, escrow, transfer agent, stock exchanges (NASDAQ, NYSE, OTC Markets) and auditors.

Among services that we provide through Manhattan Street Capital are; Consulting and Advisory service, Project Management, and of course Listing Company Offerings. We have developed unique proprietary AI technology that improves the process and the results of our online listing services. We are selective and we add value to our company's offerings.

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