How raising funds works on manhattan street capital
Create your offering

Setup your company’s offering. When ready, request to Publish

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Market your company offering

Engage & market your offering to investors who will reserve investment opportunity.

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Get Qualified by the SEC

Apply to the SEC for your Reg A+ offering.

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Get Oversubscribed

Get enough reservations that you are confident that your Offering will succeed.

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Get funded!

Investors may convert their reservations into share purchases at the IssuePrice(TM).

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How investing works on manhattan street capital
Own shares of the company!

When SEC filing is complete you can invest.

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Reserve your investment

Do this early to hold investment space in a company offering before it is over subscribed.

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Engage with the company

You’ll have easy access to ask the company questions and provide feedback.

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What we do

Our first step is to help companies assess if Reg A+ (and in select cases, Reg D) is a good fit for their business and funding needs.

We take companies through the whole Reg A+ capital raising process to achieve a successful Reg A+ offering. Our website technology integrates the necessary services so companies can make their offering work efficiently on Manhattan Street Capital. Real Estate is currently the most successful segment using Reg A+.

We provide some services directly, others we provide by introducing our companies to specialized service providers: Specialized CrowdFunding Marketing agencies, Legal, Broker/Dealer, Investment Banks, Underwriters, Broker Dealer Syndicates, Market Makers, escrow, transfer agent, and auditors.

Among services that we provide through Manhattan Street Capital are; Research Analyst service for post offering coverage of our companies, and Listing of company offerings. We have developed unique proprietary AI technology that improves the process and the results of our online listing services.

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