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For Companies

  • The Manhattan Street Capital team assists you before and during the entire capital raise to the maximum extent allowed by the SEC Regulations. We advise on the viability of your offering and suggest ways to make it more successful We advise you on an ongoing basis for maximum success, minimum cost, and the best use of time and resources.

  • We bring excellent service providers to you for all needed specialties; Auditors, Securities attorneys, broker-dealers, Underwriters, and most important, marketing agencies and marketing resources. We invest a great deal of effort in finding, selecting, training, and advising service providers to maximize the success of your capital raise and public offering.

  • We assist with project management, and we advocate for you where we are allowed to do so. We have chosen not to be a broker-dealer because we believe the future of online investing hinges on lowering the costs of raising capital, and moving to more efficient methods than the old methods allow.

  • We help you raise capital by hosting your offering on our custom technology platform implemented from the ground up to provide you with an efficient and feature-rich custom offering page to make investing confidence inspiring and quick and easy for the investor.

  • Manhattan Street Capital provides you with the necessary information so that you can assess if Reg A+, Reg A+ IPO, Rule 144 A, Reg D, and Reg S are a good fit for your business and capital needs. We integrate with broker-dealers that charge a cost-effective 1% fee on Reg A+ offerings.

  • We offer our RegA+Audition(TM) market testing program so you can test how appealing your company is to investors inexpensively and rapidly.

  • We help you to conduct SEC-compliant Blockchain Offerings using Reg D and Reg S to comply with the US Securities regulations. In some cases, the SEC may allow the Qualification of blockchain offerings using Reg A+ - but this is very difficult since the SEC has become more restrictive on public blockchain offerings than in prior years.



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For Investors

  • Now investors of any wealth level anywhere in the world can invest in private companies, through Regulation A+.
  • We continuously improve our investing software to make the investing process fast and easy for you.
  • By becoming a member you will receive emails about new offerings as they open for investment, so you won’t miss out.
  • We provide a wide variety of payment methods – Debit card via Apple Pay, Google, ACH, check and wire transfer.

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