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How do we help our companies?

  We help companies raise capital by listing their offerings on Manhattan Street Capital (MSC), and by providing our easy to use Invest Now system to make successful Regulation A+ offerings

We have launched the ManhattanStreet-ICO(TM) Program which combines Reg A+ and Reg D with Initial Coin Offerings (ICO), in order to help our companies conform to US Securities regulations.

 Manhattan Street Capital helps companies assess if Reg A+ (and in select cases, Reg D) is a good fit for their business and capital needs.

 We offer our RegA+Audition(TM) market testing program so companies can test how appealing they are to investors rapidly and at low cost before embarking on a Reg A+ offering.

MSC assists our companies through the process in order to increase the success and efficiency of offerings listed on our platform.

 We introduce our companies to the appropriate investment banks, underwriters, broker-dealer syndicates, valuation experts, auditors, attorneys, and marketing agencies in order to decrease the costs and increase the efficiency of their offering.

 MSC is building our Research Analyst Service, to provide Research coverage for our companies after their offering has been completed. 

What types of companies are we looking for?

 Large Real Estate projects are well suited to Reg A+ and can raise more than $400 mill per year with Reg A+, as can certain types of VC Funds

We see great potential for IoT companies, especially those that build using the Amazon Alexa IoT standard.

 AR and VR companies are among our favorites. Apple's ARKit will help greatly.

 Startups with a large and enthusiastic consumer customer base.

 Mid sized companies in the Lifestyle, MedTech, BioTech, Wearable technology, Gaming, E-sport, Alternative Energy, AI and Machine Learning (that is consumer appealing) fields.