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How do we help our companies?


- We help companies raise capital by listing their offerings on Manhattan Street Capital (MSC), and by providing our easy to use Invest Now system to make successful Regulation A+ offerings

- Manhattan Street Capital helps companies assess if Reg A+ (and in select cases, Reg D) is a good fit for their business and capital needs.

- We offer our RegA+Audition(TM) market testing program so companies can test how appealing they are to investors rapidly and at low cost before embarking on a Reg A+ offering.

- MSC assists our companies through the process in order to increase the success and efficiency of offerings listed on our platform.

- We introduce our companies to the appropriate investment banks, underwriters, broker-dealer syndicates, valuation experts, auditors, attorneys, and marketing agencies in order to decrease the costs and increase the efficiency of their offering.

- MSC is building our Research Analyst Service, to provide Research coverage for our companies after their offering has been completed.     


What types of companies are we looking for?


- Large Real Estate projects are well suited to Reg A+ and can raise more than $400 mill per year with Reg A+, as can certain types of VC Funds

- We see great potential for IoT companies, especially those that build using the Amazon Alexa IoT standard.

- AR and VR companies are among our favorites. Apple's ARKit will help greatly.

- Startups with a large and enthusiastic consumer customer base.

- Mid sized companies in the Lifestyle, MedTech, BioTech, Wearable technology, Gaming, E-sport, Alternative Energy, AI and Machine Learning (that is consumer appealing) fields.