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Which Broker Dealer does Manhattan Street Capital work with?

Which Broker Dealers does Manhattan Street Capital work with?

We will introduce you to Broker-Dealers that suit your situation. In most cases, the best arrangement is to work with a broker-dealer to allow easy access to investors from the US States that are not co-operating with the SEC. for this we have a broker that we will introduce to you that charges a 1% fee.

When a company that we are assisting elects to use a broker-dealer, we introduce them to brokers that are relevant to their needs and through our softyware backend accept investments in coordination with select Transfer Agents and Escrow accounts and sgregrated accounts at specilized banks.

We also work with other Broker Dealers, Broker-Dealer Syndicates, Underwriters and Private Placement firms, as well as Private Equity firms to enable their investors to participate in Offerings made on Manhattan Street Capital.

See this FAQ about your choices in using a broker-dealer to more easily access investors in some states that are not cooperating with the SEC..

When a Broker-Dealer Syndicate works on your offering they can bring in a group of BDs to act as a team and bring in more investors.


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