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Andrew J. Summey

Andrew J. Summey
Andrew J. Summey


For over 12 years, Andrew has been an inventive marketing and equity raising linchpin creating new growth for organizations and enhancing current equity acquisition through both offline and online strategies.

With the ongoing need and pressure to quickly adapt to new and changing technology, Andrew has a knack for engaging and aligning retail investors toward the vision of the organization in an authentic way.



This video describes the concept of aligning the right retail investors with a retail-focused organization with a clear and compelling vision. This system works well with Reg A+. Created for and received positive reviews within Seth Godin's altMBA.

Type Of Companies Enjoys
The companies that Andrew enjoys are those whose founders have a strong vision and wish to engage aligned retail investors. He enjoys companies willing to adapt and change with the ever-changing communication technologies and analyze data toward a more authentic engagement.
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