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Fri, 2021-04-02 05:28
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2024-04-11 13:16

IBMC is ready to implement new technologies that allow earning more than other producers of natural gas in the Texas basins. Today IBMC is continuing to grow their operated footprint and bring this revolutionary In-Field Mining technology to other oil and gas producers.

IBMC is applying this pioneering technology infrastructure that utilizes wasted, vented Natural Gas to power Data Centers, Supply Power to Local Residents and Artificial Technology at the Wellhead Site. IBMC utilizes wasted and under valued Natural Gas and converting into clean energy while helping our climate.

IBMC In-Field Mining Technology marks a parallel shift in natural gas economics. For the first time ever, natural gas producers can enable a new market for gas, in an uncorrelated commodity, right at their pad site. In-Field Mining removes the traditional constraints that have shackled producers for decades. With the In-Field Mining, gas producers can regain control and earn higher natural gas realizations.

2024-01-21 18:14

R&D company applying AI to deception detection in a new model compared to the analog model, know as the Polygraph.  


MetaBrain Labs has patents pending in this white space, combining a chatbot (the interrogator) that asks questions while brain waves are measured.  While we have validated our thesis that deception can be identified with our platform, app and headset, we are merging AI to assist, to perfect it to 100% reliability.


There are many uses cases including mental healh in guiding a user to their maladaptive thoughts.  Cyber Security needs this monitoring product in highly secure environments.  Athletes need this to elevate performance.


We are all limited by our mind's thoughts based upon our experiences.  Now, a revolutionary model has emerged to help people change their  minds in just two weeks.  


Successful pilots have been completed.  Clinical trials are commending this year with a path to FDA clearance.  




2023-10-28 09:33

Zero Labs, based in Los Angeles, California, near SpaceX, is an automotive design, engineering, and software company.  Zero Labs is pioneering the world's first scalable platform to electrify existing combustion vehicles pioneering this $63 billion market.  We have signed reservations and inquiries for over 75,000 conversions, representing a potential revenue of over $3.6 billion.  The company has been generating revenue and delivering customer vehicles since 2021. However, it is currently struggling to meet the overwhelming demand. To address this challenge, the company is considering a merger as a strategic move to achieve market consolidation and create a substantial impact. 

2023-05-11 07:10

We are Southeast based company that has developed a highly automated process to audit company spend and find mistakes. Additionally, we work with clients to cleanse and verify their data and protect their spend from fraud.


Have grown from start-up to approximately $2mm in ARR with a solid pipeline. Looking to effectuate a SPAC transaction to fuel growth in sales division as well as develop several new products in current space.


Ideally looking for a smaller transaction and we are open to structure and timing.  One year sudited financials with second in process.

2023-02-16 11:52

YouthBio Therapeutics is a preclinical-stage biotechnology company focused on discovering and applying novel genetic technologies and drug delivery mechanisms to develop gene therapies addressing aging-associated pathologies. The longevity company is presently targeting development for the primary indication of Alzheimer’s disease as well as the rare disease indication of Progeria.

YouthBio Therapeutics presents stakeholders a rare opportunity to participate in a breakthrough, era-defining scientific technology that will radically alter the course of medicine over the coming decades. Preventing the primary cause of disease and suffering -- aging -- is an imperative, common-sense approach to long-term human health and quality of life, and tissue reprogramming will be a key tool in this undertaking.

YouthBio Therapeutics is pioneering the rapid development of this technology, offering significant upside potential for growth and value. We are seeking to merge with a SPAC and would love to connect and chat about our mission. Thank you.

2022-03-18 07:32

Black Gold Motorsports Technology, Inc. (BGMT) provides a qualification service for motorsports influencer seeking or looking to retain sponsorship from our member brands. Through property technology we match consumers, brands, and influencer. We then provide the tools needed for the influencers to recruit their fan base and drive sales of the brands to fans. The fans are able to purchase directly from our online marketplace or use our discount app to purchase were ever the product or service is sold. We track the sales by influencer then rank the influencer on their ability to recruit new consumers, generate sales, return on investment and other details that create an informed marketing decision for the brand.

2021-12-20 17:18

The personal experience of losing a child born with a rare disease and a brother with a chronic disease became the springboard for Dr. Harsha Rajasimha to apply his years of postdoctoral training at NIH and FDA to accelerate therapies for rare and common conditions. He knew that technology in itself is not the limiting factor and that patient-centered design guided by stakeholder needs and regulatory requirements would guide their continuous learning digital platform. By digitizing and automating manual repetitive tasks and reducing the logistical burdens on patients and study teams by over 70%, Jeeva accelerates the process of bringing new medicines or vaccines to patients who need them by over 3x faster. The Virginia-based company’s modular software-as-a-service platform is fully scalable and facilitates patient enrollment, engagement, and evidence generation in clinical trials on any browser-enabled mobile device.

Visit https://jeevatrials.com 


We are open to exploring what a SPAC merger might look like with the right partner in the healthcare life science digital health space with our decentralized clinical trials SaaS platform.

2021-11-25 06:04

Bootstrapped tech 'soonicorn' with an ARR of $50m and 100% growth year on year looking for the right partner to unleash the future of work.


Interested? Please comment below.

2021-10-01 12:43

Pete here with BULK -  investigating spac merger.  


Simple Overview:

- We buy grocery stores with $5m+ in sales and + ebitda 

- We sell direct to consumer through our direct websites 

- We integrate the supply chain increasing margins 




2021-09-02 15:18

Problem: Today’s processor solutions use large, centralized cores to batch process resulting in low performance. These processors lack real time speed, dynamic reconfigurability, innate cyber security, redesign speed, effective compute flexibility, auto mapping and variable power. Additionally, FPGA, GPU, ASIC and CPU processors cannot instantly change their processing parallelism to scale sufficiently. They can’t optimize in real time for the ever-changing stream of algorithmic processing demands. This creates rigid bottlenecks. The best they can do is hybrid multiple types of processors together, on a board, to make up for some of the attributes they lack individually. To create effective improvements across these critical overlapping inefficiencies, it is imperative to rethink the architecture of the processor. We need to dynamically adapt the chip to the problems and not mismatch the problems to the current narrow processor options. Turing Micro believes the real answer lies within its micro distributed core array. A simplification of compute and data movement could be the answer to a 50-year problem


Solution: IRDA - Instant Reconfigurable Distributed Array Turing Micro has developed IRDA…..a paradigm shifting patented new type of processor system. IRDA eliminates most of the classic types of processing hang-ups and bottlenecks. It computes on multiple virtual processing layers allowing all and can jump layer in 1 clock cycle. This allows for cyber masking and an end to processing traffic bottlenecks. Removing complexity increases real-time speed and flexibility making it an ultraeffective solution. From IoT to Robotics, Machine Vision, Cyber security, AI, Autonomous, 5G, Mobile and HPC. The performance capabilities and flexibility advances of this processor system can be measured in dramatic orders of magnitude. IRDA is fully capable of significantly dropping engineering redesign costs while adding improvements that enable rapid repurposing in advance manufacturing environments like assembly line robotics.


Technology: The IRDA dataflow architecture is optimized for parallel computing, and it delivers flat timing that does not change as multiple computing tasks are added. IRPA can adapt its setup in a single clock-cycle to maximize the application at hand. It is truly Real Time HPC. This system is a Turing Complete solution capable of solving all algorithms for any application. 


Team: Lead Scientists Bob Catiller & George Bennett have deep CPU Architecture backgrounds, going back 5 decades, with over 75 processor architecture patents for multibillion-dollar US semiconductor leaders like Western Digital. Processor design and verification awards for the original Xbox and the hardware for the first Formula One commercial data logger.




President Turing Micro

Greg Paull



Rob Lundstrom

2021-08-05 11:31

Group of Hospitals 




We have been mandated by a Group of Hospitals to assist the them in their expansion plan and dilute the Founder’s stake as he owns 100% of Equity Capital of the company.


We have earlier helped Fund another Hospitals through IFC- World Bank. 


Out team now has a Group of Hospitals which is running a very very successful profitable chain of 1500 bed Hospitals in the National Capital Region of Delhi, India.


They want to expand adding new technologies AI, Robotics and more which the participating SPAC team can also help and make it real World class chain of Hospitals with their expansion plans.


India has huge potential and especially after the Covid chaos the National Budget has allocated high Priorities and Funding for Health Care Infrastucture. In India Health Care especally Hospitals have been given the Status of Infrastructure.


India is a very very huge market with 1.3 Billion People.


You would be knowing already that India undoubtedly has highly Talented World class Doctors and Nursing Staff which is a proven fact in the World.


India has been a big medical tourism destination pre covid and will soon be one again after covid. 


World class treatment and post care is given to patients coming from all over the World.


The Founder of this chain of 

of Hospitals professionally runs the Hospitals Group.


He is a very highly reputed and respected Doctor having 3 very high Honour Awards from the President of India, Padma Shree and Padma Vibhushan and 1 highest Honour Award Dr. B C Roy Award from the President of India in the Medical field.


This Hospitals group already professionally meets all accounting standards and compliances which a Listed Entity would be expected to (presently it is unlisted group).


The interested SPAC should be already Funded eligible with $ 225 M plus.


The Founder is okay to dilute his stake at mutually agreed terms and is happy to work and contribute more effectively with the support of the SPAC for expanding further with latest technologies in AI and Robotics and more with your help and guidance.


In the next phase they will also be keen to set up a World class chain of IVR Facilities and Gynaecology Nursing Homes all over India starting from the National Capital, New Delhi, India. And Bio tech Research Facilty including research on vaccines.


Best Wishes,

Prince Chugh

New Delhi


Stay Healthy Stay Safe


PS: We look forward to a faster response from you as some PE funds and HNI’s have expressed firm interest. 


But we have more interest in the US market and Nasdaq/NYSE Listing with your SPAC. 

We gather from your SPAC’s targets that Health Care is one of the very important fields of your interest.


Listing in the US gives Group of Hospitals International exposure and makes good sense for both the partners.


All other information can be provided once you express your in Principle Interest

2021-07-26 09:01

Our company, RAS Technologies, has developed a revolutionary, indoor closed-loop aquaculture technology (https://vimeo.com/333193249) which is able to grow premium Pacific White Shrimp in an enviromentally sustainable manner. We are currently seeking access to capital to deploy our patented technology worldwide.


As you might know, aquaculture is the world’s fastest-growing food production sector and our company’s impact-driven technology is ideally positioned to move the industry towards sustainability, specifically:

  1. minimal environmental footprint (5% land usage vs. traditional methods)
  2. no impact to surrounding ecosystem (no wastewater discharge, minimal ecosystem intrusion)
  3. zero production waste (by-products converted to marketable products)
  4. zero harmful chemicals used (we only add sea salt)


Our patented technology consists of two fully-integrated and complimentary systems:

  1. Patented stacked, shallow raceway physical infrastructure, which are modular in nature. It’s a vertical system (4 stacks, 6 levels high) consisting of 1.5 miles of horizontal raceways and 750,000 gallons of water purified 16 times each day.
  2. Internally developed smartfarm management software, which monitors and controls over 4,000 data points on a real-time basis and has been designed to facilitate real-time remote monitoring/analysis based on high-resolution imagery and full-farm connectivity.


Our current facility has annual production capacity of 375,000 lbs/year with near term expansion to 1,200,000 planned in the next 2 years. We have plans to build additional facilities located next to major urban centres across North America, totalling ~8.5M lbs of annual production, achieving annual revenue of over $100M but implying less than a 0.5% market share.


In 2019, we completed a pilot operation phase to optimize the technology, develop distribution relationships and ensure superior product quality. Following that, we vertically integrated and have recently commenced what is planned to be continual state of production (365 days/year) with full traceability, with our initial harvest expected this November.


At your convenience, my partners and I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss our business plan in further detail.


Best wishes,


David Barnes, President

RAS Technologies, Inc.

1300-5255 Yonge Street

Toronto, Ontario M4B 3C2

2021-07-23 10:34

Initiatives aligning carbon offsets with the emissions of an entity (e.g., large and small corporations, non-profits, governments, individuals) to attain carbon neutrality or net-zero status have burgeoned in recent months. However, claims of emission reduction are largely ex ante and without direct verification. The reality is that neither the emissions reported or the offsets purchased are verified by direct GHG measurements, increasing buyer risk, and pricing discounts, particularly in the case of forest offsets. Questions regarding the quality and value of forest carbon offsets underly the need for urgent improvement.  Planet Alpha Corp (PaC) was formed to offer in situ measurement-to-monetization game-changing technologies to verify emissions reductions through forest carbon sequestration and storage, catalyzing the creation and sale of new forest carbon products. PαC's business model is anchored by direct measurement of net flux for carbon sequestration across large forest landscapes, creating verified transactions between landowners, the company, and consumers of forest carbon offset products. The company will provide a turn-key carbon accounting infrastructure and intelligent reporting system, creating transactions between investors, consumers, and the biosphere for numerous and diverse projects (e.g., forests, agroforestry, farming, ranching, wetlands). In this way, the company intends to achieve three primary goals: 1) Direct cash support to impoverished landowners and communities that inhabit forest areas worldwide, 2) Generate income for all stakeholders, 3) Solve a global and well-known problem of deforestation and land degradation by supporting landowners and their communities as stewards of sustainability and as agents of verified GHG emission reductions. PαC modernizes the traditional and ineffective traditional carbon services and trading paradigm for carbon offsets in much the same way as Fintech has modernized traditional banking paradigms. PaC is seeking a merger or project financing arrangement with a publicly traded incumbent with a global reach and extensive landholding clients across cultures, industries, and governments across the planet. PaCs financial and business operations are similar to those employed in the renewable energy sectors offering investors and stakeholders transparency, accountability, and benchmarks for return on investments. (www.planetalphaforest.earth), see: https://www.preprints.org/manuscript/202105.0151/v2.

2021-07-22 09:08

Fossil fuel CO2 is the original perturbation to the pre-industrial climate system of ~270 ppm atmospheric CO2. Humanity will not likely reverse the contemporary GHG atmospheric burden of ~416 ppm CO2 with implications for future generations. There is a global consensus that bold, large-scale action is needed to ensure future planetary sustainability--but solutions are elusive, fragmented, and ineffective. Tracking and trading fossil-fuel CO2 is remarkably undeveloped, now based on estimation protocols widely regarded as flawed, but is a recognized viable means of managing Earth's biosphere. As calls for fossil fuel CO2 emissions reduction are reflected in policy, the price of emissions will also increase. Tools to actively, verifiably, and economically manage the transition from fossil fuel CO2 to renewables are lacking. Actual in-situ measurements including fossil fuel CO2 flux (GHGs) are needed to catalyze markets and verify claims of reduction and establish pricing fundamentals. Planetary Emissions Management Inc. is commercializing new, portable, high precision, cost-effective instrumentation to specifically quantify fossil fuel CO2, related software and models, and applications to transform CO2 from an invisible gas to a material asset tradable on rapidly expanding global platforms including now live platforms in China. Extensive global patents (e.g., China, India, North America) and peer-reviewed publications drive our approach along with strategic national and international partners. Social, economic, and planetary benefits are the goals of PEM Inc. PEM Inc. seeks a merger with a publicly traded incumbent, or project financing arrangement, to establish thousands of projects worldwide consolidating a technical and monetary paradigm meeting the climate management needs of corporations (e.g., ESG's, SDGs), governments, NGO's and individuals. PEM is seeking a remarkable visionary global stakeholder with like-minded ambitions and alignment with the aggressive implementation of the PEM process. The potential market realization for carbon and related GHG transactions is estimated to be ~10 trillion USD per year over the coming decade.

2021-07-21 22:57

Dear Valuable Investors,


Biosciences are relatively complicated resulting in many problems in health care. One big problem is human organ shortage. The reasons are many, but the major is the only one. Organs are taken out of bodies can not be kept well usually less than 6 hours. Because the organs go bad (deterioration, spoilage, or metamorphism). The low-temperature static storage makes a large number of human organs are discarded. Nobody should die due to human organ shortage. I do not want anyone to lose their family member as I did.   


New York Huaqi Bioengineering, LLC (7th year) has developed an organ preservation system that provides organs safely and comfortably over 24 hours at Ex Vivo. With 300% extended preservation time, a large number of human organs will be rescued from the trash bins back to patients to save their lives, if our system is on the market. The market of organ preservation is 61 billion (the global organ transplant market will reach 61.5 billion U.S. dollars by 2027). We have successfully preserved hearts, lungs, livers, and kidneys over 24-hours and followed organ transplantation, and showed very exciting results (confirmed by many tests in vitro and in vivo). Why we did these not others? Because we discovered a series of characteristics of cells and tissues in a low-temperature environment. According to the characteristics, the preservation fluid and extracorporeal organ equipment are innovatively designed. The deterioration in the quality of the preserved organs is eliminated.


By doing oxygenation in perfusate, we have done halfway in developing another system that will open the second way to deliver oxygen to patients (Trillion markets). The 2nd way for oxygen delivery would reduce the Covid-19 patient death rate to zero and many potentials in cancer therapies and controlling severe microbe infections etc. Both our two systems are monopolies. A number of patents have been filed and many are going to file.


Currently, we are communicating with Lisa Anderson (Paragonix Technologies, Inc) for possible cooperation. We are happy to dilute around 20% to 30% to receive 30 M support of SPAC for growing or expanding with the latest bioengineering and the most urgent needs.  

Once the two systems are off my hands, I will develop a novel protocol of thymic epithelial cell therapy to remove all immunosuppressive drugs from organ transplanted patients (Specific Central tolerance induction –patients will be tolerated to donor organ cells and recognize the donor cells as self). In short, a number of inducted thymic epithelial cells can help organ transplanted patients free from immunosuppressive drugs.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qbgebs2v3AM can tell you more.


Yours sincerely,

Lili Xu CEO, New York Huaqi Bioengineering, LLC. New York City, New York, USA 

2021-07-13 12:13

MICROBOSS Hightech GmbH is a spin off of Genekam Biotechnology AG from Germany. It carries one of largest number of ready to use PCR kits for different pathogens infecting animals in the world. The solutions are to detect pandemic viruses and other pathogens in the field of veterinary medicine e.g. influenza viruses, which have caused a number of pandemic outbreaks during the last 120 years leading to economic loss. Till today influenza viruses are a threat to human beings as well as food security because H5N1 and other H5 types e.g. H5N8 are causing regular outbreaks in animals leading to loss of poultry birds, which means huge burden on the society, banks and insurances as they lose a lot of money through the unpayable credits. Further this company has number of tests focusing on large animal viruses e.g. foot and mouth disease along with food borne pathogens like Listeria, Salmonella, E coli, Yersinia etc. In swine industry, African swine fever virus has caused serious damages to pork industry in China and Europe. The testing remains only the possibility to control these pathogens. MICROBOSS has a number of solutions for animal breeding. It can develop high quality and accurate point of care assays to be used at the field conditions. We are looking for a SPAC company to bring this technology to the whole world as SPAC deal has a great chance to grow in veterinary medicine field. In case of SPAC deal, we can provide more technology e.g. development of point of care assays, quantum dot nanomedical assays, prevention methods as well as development of new kinds vaccines so that SPAC deal should be a successful story as it should create leader in veterinary medicine. Our all products are developed and manufactured through us in Germany.

If you are interested, please contact.

2021-07-13 10:44

Martin Energy Smart Power Infrastructure Group, an affiliate of the Martin Energy Group (“MEG”), is currently under contract, to provide 4 “turn-key” infrastructure solutions, for indoor growing companies in the Agriculture and Cannabis Industries. At a capitalized cost of $425M, MEG will equip 4- Institutional Quality clients, with a comprehensive Land, Building, Interior Finish and Utility Grade Infrastructure solution. This total energy+ solution, will allow the clients the necessary resilience (from both an engineering as well as financial viewpoint) to mitigate risk in their highly lucrative yet capital intensive industries.

As part of their “Smart Power Infrastructure Solution” the MEG team will design, build, own and operate the real estate and utility program, under 2 separate contracts, with each customer. A traditional NNN Real Estate Lease, will be executed for the premises; with an Energy Services Agreement (ESA), for the utility (micro grid) services.

MEG is a 45-year-old, family owned, design, build and operating company. MEG services over 450 current projects throughout North America and worldwide. Martin Energy Smart Power Infrastructure Group is a recently formed “own and operate” company, which currently owns and operates, utility grade micro energy grids, for family-owned companies; to Fortune 100 organizations. With MEG’s background in building and operating agriculture and indoor growing related projects, for numerous clients, MEG has the experienced team necessary, to meet the unique requirements that the emerging Cannabis Industry seeks, also. Please see the MEG website for more information about the company: https://martinenergygroup.com/

MEG Smart Power Infrastructure Solutions provides Customers:

  • Significant Energy Efficient -Improved LEED Score
  • A 15%-60% “Carbon Footprint” reduction
  • Significant Energy Cost Savings with the related Enterprise Value Appreciation

MEG Reliable Projects:

  • Fully Independent and Redundant Power
  • Power located “On-Site.”
  • Utilize Stable, Available, Low Cost via Clean and Alternative Energy Fuel Supplies
  • Not Dependent on Unreliable Power Grid
  • Isolated from Severe Weather or Natural Disaster Disruptions

SPAC Investor/Company Attributes:

  • Unique Competitive Industry Competitive Advantage, via the ownership and operation of the energy infrastructure
  • Outsized returns, for 15+ years on a project/customer basis of 30%+ IRR unleveraged
  • A seasoned management team, with a noted ability to deliver year to year, significant revenue, and profitability growth, while assisting customers in energy intensive industries.

For additional information on this opportunity, please reach out to Thomas Flaherty.

2021-06-05 02:22

PixelFree Studio presents a unique opportunity because it was created to solve a problem that the program creator and his fellow developers at Cognizant (a company with 300,000-400,000 programmers) regularly face. A working live online Demo of the Android version of the software is available upon request. An Alpha version of the software will be available within 6-8 weeks. Should we complete this Alpha version on time, we have a good chance at bringing on Macys as our first customer. 


App and website development gets backlogged in UI because of all the necessary handwritten code. Companies like Home Depot, for example, employs thousands programmers just to maintain their apps and websites. PixelFree automates the UI process, creating significant efficiencies. More importantly, though, PixelFree does it in every language (ios, html, android, etc.). Most large company websites have several teams, one for each language, with all trying to create the exact same end-user experience.  PixelFree does all of that for them, eliminating the need for multiple teams and saving hundreds to thousands of hours per project. The best part, however, is that PixelFree actually generates native code. Create what you want in Pixel Free, save the file, open it in a builder (like Android Builder) and everything you created is there, with the code, ready to go.


The company's website is http://www.PixelFreeStudio.com


The company is seeking to raise $5-10 million at a valuation of $50 million


The following are links to the:


1. Business Plan 




2. Informational PowerPoint Deck




3. Intended Use of FundsDeck  




4.  Demo of End Product




2021-09-16 20:47

Prefers SPAC matchmaking concurrent with Reg. offers


Can incorporate US corporation if needs. Prefers present UK entity..


My previous Invention spin-off 13 years ago attracted investment of £2.5M  for 2.5% of spin-off equity. Earlier had also sold some US$200,000 of my inventions to Intellectual Ventures.


Introductions NewData Future Breakthrough Patent Technology HIGHLIGHT: https://www.dropbox.com/s/fb703yea52uma84/NewData%20Future%20Breakthroug...




New fundamental Unification theory physics beyond present QM & GR  will not possible ever come about without this fundamental new Post-Shannon Information theory here.


Prototype astounding ... just now  succeeded this very moment coming fresh out of the oven . This has been forthcoming promised after numerous successive attempts improvements !  Will ready a video showing compression of verified random files from http://random.org smaller on Laptop A , transfer this smaller compressed file on a USB to Laptop B and reconstruct there exact same as original input ( no Internet or wire connection between Laptops A & B ).


We have started to begin co-innovate collaborations with UK Knowledge Transfer Network , Brunel University / European Regional Research  entity ( Research and Co-innovate Center ) and may have a project to 1st verify workings of our prototype. At present this moment have attained historic very commercial significant unprecedented compression savings each sub-seconds iterations .Further collaborations with CERN / Oxbridge / US Ivy Leagues intended.


https://twitter.com/LawCounsels : Our initial  1st time the world in 80+ years attained 1 bit compression savings on random inputs qualified as very important scientific breakthrough. Audience then reacts most natural unbelieving sceptical . It took us another 6 years until this very moment just today for substantial  savings for commercialisations. We simply plough ahead ceaseless attempt this from 6 years back then 


Get in touch for more details:

Chairman and Inventor



Prime Dimensions software “allowing almost limitless compression of any file type” is now live and no longer in testing phase, correct?

Yes we have now succeeded prototype can now compress smaller any random ( or not ) files e.g. from http://random.org and reconstruct exact same. This can be repeatedly compress smaller and smaller over many iterations  ( there is a de minis very smallest possible file size though )


A few patents been filed. Expects to engage Fish and Richardson to prosecute worldwide patents in due course.


Internet registration utility software  downloads  next technology license to early OEM/ Streaming entities/ Data storage warehouse  1st movers


On world top experts forum :






2021-05-28 18:26

We are a class leader in the fast growing electric scooter/motorcycle space with best value in class and proven products used by many customers around the country.


1. Exponentially growing personal electric mobility space

2. Attractive and high performance electric scooters with a growing customer community

3. High value price tags with profitable products

4. Own brand and designs

5. Mature Ecommerce system and supply chain in place

6. Huge growth potential in the coming decades contributing to a better sustainable environment


2021-05-20 08:28

AeroClean is an interior space air purification technology company. Our immediate objective is to initiate full-scale commercialization of our high-performance interior air sterilization and disinfection products for the eradication of coronavirus and other harmful airborne pathogens. We were established to develop unmatched, technology-driven medical-grade air purification solutions for hospitals and other healthcare settings. The onset of the COVID-19 global pandemic underscores the urgency of bringing to market air purification solutions to protect front-line healthcare workers, patients and the general population. Interior air sterilization and disinfection solutions are critical for enabling and furthering societal transition to a safe, post-COVID environment and for protecting patients, particularly immunocompromised patients, and staff in medical and healthcare facilities. We incorporate our proprietary, patented UV-C LED technology in equipment and devices and will employ artificial intelligence to create the most comprehensive and effective solutions for at-risk enclosed spaces. These spaces include hospital and non-hospital healthcare facilities (such as outpatient chemotherapy and other infusion facilities and senior living centers and nursing homes), schools and universities, commercial properties and other indoor spaces. Our products are being designed and engineered to exceed the rigorous standards set by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) for interior air sterilization and disinfection products. Our units can be marketed for use pursuant to the FDA Enforcement Policy for Sterilizers, Disinfectant Devices, and Air Purifiers during the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Public Health Emergency. We intend to seek FDA 510K clearance for the use of our products in healthcare and other markets for which product performance is required to be validated by certified independent labs. Regulatory clearances and independent certifications serve as important product imprimaturs that also influence decision-making by nonhealthcare market equipment purchasers. We are initiating the full-scale launch of our first product, Pūrgo. Pūrgo is our proprietary, game-changing continuous air sanitization product for indoor spaces. Pūrgo’s launch also marks the debut of our go-to-market strategy for SteriDuct, the Company’s patented, revolutionary air purification technology. We intend to incorporate SteriDuct into a broad line of autonomous air treatment devices. We plan to launch PūrgoLift, our air purification solution for elevators, in the first quarter of 2022. Pūrgo has been well-received by the market. We are fielding broad interest from healthcare organizations, our initial targeted market, as well as from schools and universities. We are also receiving urgent inquiries from owners and managers of commercial properties and other indoor spaces, and we are developing solutions for public and private transportation systems.

2021-05-19 18:37

Dave's Basic GardenTools are patented multiuse yard  Tools, made to exacting standards, in Liberty Lake, WA.

2/ Utiity Patents on the obverall design and Head configuration,


5 Handle lengths., turned from Eastern Poplar... to balance with the weight of the Head for  perfect weight distribtion.

HiCarbon Spring[ Blacksmith] steel, tempered for 4 + hours, before powdercoationg.


Over 8,200 BGTs have been delivered to discerning Homeowners across the USA.


....We're loolking to grow with a new Shovel design and  SoftgripShock absorbing Handle..


5/Stars on Amazon for over 8/uyears.

Check our website: Basic GardenTool.com


Dave Kindred/Founder and President



2021-05-19 18:30

Richtech's mission is to bring state-of-the-art technologies to consumer-facing businesses. Our patents cover applications from lidar to robotics and artificial intelligence, among others. With clients in over 120 countries around the world, we pride ourselves in our decades-long track record of improving client outcomes through technology.


1. Richtech's newly launched Service Robots perform an array of tasks, from delivering food and drinks to even taking orders. We offer restaurants a much-needed solution to mounting cost pressures, long-standing HR challenges, and to shifts in consumer expectations around service and hygiene.


2. Richtech has a U.S. sales network in place from its existing suite of AI&smart hardware products, which generated more than $15 million in revenue during 2020.


3. We have an established, scalable go-to-market process, as well as existing relationships with key service partners and potential clients across the U.S.


4. We are choosing now between being acquired by a SPAC versus going IPO on NASDAQ.


5. If you are interested email us, or visit www.richtechrobotics.com.

2021-05-19 13:42

Zapaygo is the ordering and loyalty app that saves users time, improves venues revenues and efficiency whilst helping the public and staff stay safe during these Covid-19 times.


Zapaygo is simple to use – no queueing or missing social, sports or concert moments. If you can order it, pay for it or book it, you can do it with Zapaygo, to be collected, or delivered to a table, room, home and workplace.


Our key differentiator is exclusive contracts with technology suppliers to large venues in over 30 countries, such as over 60% of the UK’s exhibition centres, sports and concert arenas, including around 50% of the Premier League. In the UK alone, these venues combined have over 50m transactions per annum. Through these contracts, we will drive a global rollout. Zapaygo also has a rewards platform in partnership with Tata to roll out in over 200 countries.


We will also be launching a Delivery App that will be available to venues and the general public, Zapaygo Delivered. Using the Delivered App, venues can request a driver to collect and deliver food, beverage, or other products, and the public can request a driver to collect something they are buying or maybe just borrowing from a friend.


We are in the process of applying for an EMI banking license to allow it to provide fiat wallets and mobile banking features to users and merchants. The company will be FCA regulated and PCI Level one compliant. Zapaygo also owns a Payment Gateway that will reduce cost and create new revenues once launched. Zapaygo will provide handheld screens to venues for receiving paid orders and card payments. Zapaygo is live and trading in venues.


We are also currently working with healthcare companies to provide Covid-19 test and vaccine health passes for venues and events. Zapaygo is also working on making all payments sustainable and putting good back into the planet equivalent to the damage caused by the purchase log of the product itself.


To date, Zapaygo has received circa £13m investment. Zapaygo has an EPOS driven strategy and aims to simplify the mobile ordering market. No one user wants dozens of ordering Apps.


Zapaygo has the right launch opportunities, the right team and more than ever, the right timing. Zapaygo’s goal is to be the go-to trusted global ordering brand for consumers and businesses.

2021-06-17 10:11

Checked this company out - things not a rosy as they are saying. They seem to have been in a holding pattern for the past 3 years. A lot of talk, no action - check companies house,  total revenues for last year $7000

2021-05-11 10:56

5 m unit premium private label tire plant to be located in the US. The project will target the replacement tire end-markets of  passenger cars and light trucks. The facility will be oriented toward the growing Premium Tier 3 sub-segment. There is a clear trend of consumers increasingly  demanding high-quality, low-cost tires, particularly in the domestically produced light truck and SUV all-terrain segment. Within Premium Tier 3, producing private  label tires for distributors or service providers will be the primary focus. Aging, inefficient, and highly utilized North American capacity creates an opportunity for a new  player in the space. The development of the project will be led by a European engineering company which has extensive experience in the design and development of the most advanced  and efficient tire plants in the world. The Company has led the successful development and ramp-up of many similar facilities, including plant modernization which  involves advancements in materials, increased automation, process improvement, and leveraging technology. Modern plants provide significant conversion cost  benefits (mainly coming from labor reduction) of up to 5-12% per tire. The plant is expected to be a top-performer in terms of its conversion cost  structure, resulting from best-in-class manufacturing practices. Project is projected to achieve a gross margin of 21-22% and an EBIT margin of 15-16% by 2026. Financing plan is ca $140M in equity and total investment of $460M.  Projected Equity IRR of 19%.

2021-05-10 08:04

We have previously raised circa $20m from our customers and under Regs A and D, and have approx. 2,700 retail investors. Investors and clients include Mastercard International, Synchrony Financial, and FIS. SEC filings are up to date and the filing on April 30th will tell you the full story. 


We were quoted on OTCQX on 15/03/21 as IDAI and started trading on Euronext Growth on 7/05/21 as AIID. https://www.otcmarkets.com/stock/IDAI/overview


Our market capitalization is approximately 35% to 40% of publicly traded comparables on a multiple of (historic) revenue basis. 


We are NASDAQ Capital Market eligible upon our 30-day average daily volume reaching 2,000 shares, but less than 5% of our stock is tradeable due to the challenges for shareholders trying to transfer OTC stock to brokerage accounts.


Our alternative is raising an additional $4m through an underwritten offering. Frankly, raising the capital is easy, but we are taking a final look at our options to underwrite a $5m offering, or, partner with a SPAC. 

2021-05-04 22:52

Our team has a client who is running a very very successful profitable chain of 1500 bed Hospitals in the National Capital Region of India.


They want to expand adding new technologies AI, Robotics and more which the participating SPAC team can offer. India has huge potential especially after the Covid chaos the National Budget has high Priorities for Health Infrastucture.


India is a very very huge market. India has huge numbers of highly Talented Doctors and Nursing Staff. India has been a big medical tourism destination pre covid and will again be soon. World class treatment at much lower costs which suits the Insurance Companies also.

The Founder of this chain of professionally run Hospitals is a very highly reputed and respected Doctor having 3 very highly respected Awards from the President of India.


Hospitals group already professionally does meet all compliances which a Listed Entity would be expected of.

The interested SPAC should be already Funded $ 225 M plus.


The Founder is okay to dilute around 51 to 60 % and is happy to receive the support of SPAC for expanding with latest technologies.

In the next phase they will also be keen to set up a World class Medical College and Bio tech Research Center.


2021-05-02 10:46

Check us out Boxabl.com

We are building the worlds most advanced modular housing factory. Our tech enables rapid production and easy shipping of large room modules. Our first product is a factory built room that deploys on site and sets up in just a few hours complete with a kitchen and bathroom.

2021-04-28 01:17

Ref; Green projects /cleantech- Wind turbines factory LETS SAVE THE PLANET BY CO2 TOXIC EMISSION.  "A TONNE OF CO2 EMITTED FROM FOSSIL FUEL WILL MELTDOWN 32 SQFT. OF ARCTIC ICE”.  We, Integrated Industry Ecology LLC, seeking investors. debt raise, equity for wind turbines factory based on transfer technology and license to build wind turbines with rated power from 750KW- 4 MW, training provided and components supply. Ongoing technical assistance from wind turbines factory construction to wind farm completion inland /deep sea, export. Seeking min $250K to go public listed and complete a bankable feasibility study. Exist strategy buy back after 2-3 years production or remain on board. http:/windexexchange. energy. Await to hear from you in due course and remain  Yours sincerely 

John Didea CEO/ Integrated Industry Ecology LLC/DE. Brisbane Australia