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Exploring Merger with SPAC

Fri, 2021-04-02 05:28

This is where you present your company to the SPACs that are looking for Acquisitions so they can find you.

Describe your business, technology, and stage here. State the type of SPAC or deal you are interested in.

Provide enough information that the SPAC buyers can reasonably assess their level of interest.

Approach the SPACS that you like directly.

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2021-04-08 16:47

Example Listing.

We are at the leading edge of battery technology and our method has been successfully prototyped, is production-ready and we are ready to scale manufacturing with a lead time of 60 days.

  1. Our tech suits use in Cars, Quadcopters, Airplanes and small devices.
  2. We deliver higher charge density and longer range per unit volume and mass than our competitors by a 45% margin, at a comparable cost.
  3. We are choosing now between being acquired by a SPAC versus doing a large funding round via Reg A+
  4. If you are interested email us at

Keep your post brief, please!

This is an Example only.
2021-04-27 11:57

GenBio Inc is an early-stage Biotechnology Company with unrivaled (and possibly unique) research expertise based on an unexpected yet vitally important medical research breakthrough - described by the US scientific team as “never seen before” 



Current prescription drugs invariably confer significant toxicity issues that can seriously impact consumers’ health; cardiovascular and gastrointestinal side effects are common. There are also increasing worries about antimicrobial resistance. GenBio’s innovative research will address all these concerns and produce the next generation of anti-inflammatory drugs. 

We are interested in being acquired by a SPAC versus continuing on our current path of capital formation. 


Interested parties may email us at  

2021-04-21 15:59

We are a top-rated ed-tech company specializing in web dev training and development. We have the highest success ratio in the business and offer faster, more affordable methodologies than our enterprise competitors, and are on track for rapid expansion with a real-time, proprietary software platform that will enable students to automatically enroll and engage with a suitable instructor in live 1on1 training worldwide.

  1. We were founded in 2015, are revenue positive, and have established our reputation among $100M+ competitors
  2. We deliver greater results with 85% lower cost to our customers.
  3. Our projections put us at upwards of $18M annual revs by 2026.
  4. We are choosing now between being acquired by a SPAC versus doing a large funding round via Reg A+

If you are interested email us at 

2021-04-23 07:54


We are a very advanced stage (shovel ready) project in SW Arkansas using a new and revolutionary technology called the TEC REFORMER that converts almost any type of carbon rich waste stream (agricultural crop residue, timber processing waste, animal waste, biomass, etc) into marketable energy commodities in an incredibly environmentally friendly process.  Our business plan is prepared using the revenue generated from the ULS Diesel we produce (meets R99 specifications).

The TEC REFORMER is unlike any other waste-to-energy conversion that exists today in that it has a process that is so efficient and cost effective that we are able to produce 1 gallon of renewable ULS Diesel at under $0.75 once full plant expansion has been achieved.

State of Readiness:

  1. We own a 40 acre plot of land in a very strategic location in SW Arkansas that can begin construction upon funding
  2. We have an offtake agreement for "as much Renewable ULS Diesel that we can produce" with a very large, well established and well known national fuel logistics and brokerage operation.  
  3. We have a feedstock agreement with a very large publicly traded timber processor that has several years worth of woody waste on their property (less than 10 miles from our land).
  4. We have selected our EPC firm who are ready to begin the design-build work and our O&M Engineering firm that is ready to begin assembling the management and operational staff to run the facility.

The fuel production facility, once expanded to full capacity, will generate well over $300M in EBITDA annually.

This initial project is seeking a capital raise between $40M (minimum) and $490M (maximum) to begin construction of the full scale production facility that will annually produce 90M gallons of Renewable ULS Diesel in addition to various other gas commodities. Any amount raised in between the minimum and maximum will adjust the timeframe it will take to reach full expansion. 

If there is interest in learning more about this opportunity, please reach out by email to:


2021-04-21 17:03

We are a global regtech based in India with B2B Saas offerings for compliance. We are a public company and have just reached the stage where operating leverage is kicking in. We have won users for our products in some 36 countries around the world. Most of our revenues is from clients outside India. We are profitable.


Why are we looking for a SPAC?

Indian public market investors see us through the prism of IT services and have not shown much enthusiasm for Regtech SAAS. This means that the pool of capital available for companies like ours at the right valuation has been limjted. A merger with a SPAC will address this issue. We can achieve this by taking the Indian company private or by allowing to stay listed, both options are available. The capital will also fuel our next phase of growth.  We have leveraged Indian cost structure to create products for the world and will continue to do so. From being an India headquartered SAAS Regtech, we will become a US headquartered SAAS Regtech.

Is the deal big enough to make the cut?

On a stand alone basis, perhaps not. But in the space that we occupy, there is a roll up opportunity by bringing in companies from across the globe which we are willing to lead. We are happy to complete the process before a  SPAC merger happens and offer one consolidated business for merger with the SPAC. Or take them one by one if that is what the SPAC sponsors prefer. Most of the companies in the space are not very big with revenues hovering in the vicinity US $ 10 million, we are no exception. While the size of any one deal may not make the cut for a SPAC, the merger of several at attractive valuations offers the prospect of supernormal returns to investors.


What sort of a SPAC are we looking for?

Fintech / Regtech focussed SPACS who are willing to look at deals that may be relatively small but hold out the possibility of supernormal returns within a 3 – 5 year time horizon.

2021-04-22 01:17
2021-04-21 17:07

We are preparing to commercialize our first genomics and blood-based oncology diagnostic product later this year that addresses the high growth $9B USD addressable market for cancer therapy and cancer recurrence monitoring.

  1. Intellectual property includes registered and pending patents as well as registered trademarks. 
  2. To date, 3 clinical studies have met or exceeded target endpoints.
  3. At scale, our first product delivers +70% gross margins with a price point in North America just under $1,000 to drive rapid clinical adoption.
  4. The team has successfully commercialized multiple market-leading oncology drugs and diagnostics, including regulatory approvals leading to government and private insurance reimbursement in North America and in other geographies.
  5. We are evaluating being acquired by a SPAC versus an IPO. We could be a logical add-on to a SPAC transaction involving other molecular diagnostic products for the oncology market segment.

If you are interested, email us at

2021-04-22 18:55

Good day


RockRebar®, the first industry recognized, fully tested, approved, green and “renewable” alternative to the internal steel reinforcement we all see bleeding red/orange rust from our cracked and failing concrete infrastructure on a global scale!

BWC is up and running with a new and disruptive material for the burgeoning Concrete Infrastructure Building and Restoration Sector.

Lucky for BWC, in an unusual occurrence, both political parties embraced infrastructure as a bipartisan job’s creator.

Roads, bridges, dams, seawall, homes, buildings, think about it. Civilized society lives and work in an RC world, aka Reinforced Concrete infrastructure.

The news today is all about infrastructure spending, our timing is perfect!

BWC management developed and owns fully registered IP, trademarks, fully issued patents and patents pending products for several structural forms of FRP aka “glass-state” Fiber Reinforced Polymer. FRP’s are industry recognized and largely code approved alternatives to the traditional use of black steel rebar for the internal reinforcement of concrete infrastructure. We have a really really BIG MARKET! TIMING IS PERFACT!

Steel rusts and it always will! Coatings and or additives are but bandages, today the owners of concrete construction, governments included, want what we have. BWC has a bright future! Today, low carbon footprint, aka, “Social Responsibility” sells!

BWC has a plan to expand commercialization of its trademarked suite of non-rusting internal reinforcements for concrete.

BWC produces from “renewable” raw materials, the lowest carbon footprint of any industry recognized structural material…..

To expedite your due diligence of BWC, may we ask that You Tube Basalt World Corp. and watch the short video please.

NOTE: The You Tube Basalt World Corp. indicates we plan to sell the machines. No longer the plan! We have machines running and more under construction. The funds from your SPAC will be used for production scale up.


Should give you a gut feeling” this is a fit”! Please reach out to: Basalt World Corp. Don R. Smith Chairman / Director of R&D

2021-04-22 06:51

Janover Ventures is open to exploring a SPAC merger. We've built a fintech portal connecting multifamily, commercial real estate and business borrowers with lenders. We are taking more than half a billion dollars a week in loan applications digitally which are primarily driven by our massive SEO moat. We own the first page of Google for some of the most valuable keywords money can buy in our space with more than 1M website users last year. We grew our top line nearly 200% last year and we are in a position to take a meaningful bite out of one of the biggest market on earth. 


If interested email:  for more info

2021-04-22 12:58

Virtuoso Surgical, Inc. is developing a robotic surgical system for enhancing rigid endoscopy.  With our patented technology, we enable two-handed, dexterous delivery of surgical tools through standard, 5-8 mm rigid endoscopes.  While the other areas of minimally invasive surgery:  laparoscopy, flexible endoscopy, and arterial surgery, have been roboticized, the largest market segment, rigid endoscopy, has experienced no robotic improvement.  Virtuoso Surgical is changing that.  The Company is approximately two years away from initial commercial sales in the U.S. and EU/UK, based on the Company's current expected timeline.  Another robotic-surgery company, Vicarious Surgical, recently did a SPAC merger at a valuation of $1.1b.  Vicarious is farther from regulatory approval than Virtuoso.  Other robotic exits (Corindus, Auris, Mako, Mazor) have been $1.5b+.  Go to to find out more about the Company. 


The Company is currently represented by Raymond James; email for further inquiries.

2021-04-22 14:15

AQST Canada provides advanced space engineering solutions that integrate an innovative proprietary portfolio of satellite technologies and disruptive business solutions to support the domestic and international market through telecommunications, IoT, data science, and additive manufacturing from our facility in Canada. Though a start-up, AQST already possesses proven intellectual property and ready-to-build designs for space solutions, including commercial communication satellites, propulsion systems and unmanned orbital spacecraft.

AQST Canada Inc. is a global company offering multiple proprietary space and propulsion systems technologies, materials and services solutions to develop the most innovative space engineering solutions to solve the most critical challenges.

AQST has secured 540MUSD of Sales order for our unique technologies and projects. We anticipate about 2BNUSD of net sales revenue in next 4 years. AQST Canada currently evaluated at 225M USD with office and facility in US/Europe/India and Indonesia.


For mor einformation please visit: and can reach founder/CEO Gurvinder Chohan at

or CFO Mr Rakesh Sharma at:

2021-04-22 17:04

Currently looking for $150 million for a series of Apartment Complexes in the Phoenix, Arizona area. The rate of return is over 20% and the balance of funding used to buy high-end 1 million dollar homes for investment. 


Please contact:

2021-04-23 03:11

Clinically Advanced, (TRI)- Anti-Viral Protease Inhibitor for HIV/AIDS/HBV and SARS/Human Coronavirus in a single drug.

We Seek to JV partner, Merge, or License Out Our Global IP,

Four Guardians co. It is a start-up Australian Biotech seeking compatible US interested parties.

Key Clinical investigation outcomes.

  • Good clinical anti-viral experience in human trials - Minimal Side Effects - Low Cost proven scalable manufacturing method achieved - Water soluble
  • TRI- Prodrug Stock of clinical trial drug available to complete the remaining phase 2 and 3 clinical human trials to obtain MoH marketing registration approval.
  • Positive in vitro studies against Human Coronavirus and HBV. - Clinical trial plan and budgets are locked in. - Enterprise Valuation up to 65.3 Million USD.
  • Exit Strategy 2.5 years for investors.

Capital Required;

USD 8-10M over 15 months for phase 2 and 3 trial completion and registration in *Mexico- *Note, Why Mexico? Similar clinical trial study in the USA Quoted 80M plus cost of drug and admin,

Capital Need for TRI-Protease Inhibitor to complete clinical trials for HIV/AIDS, agreement with US NIH to commence further in vitro testing against a panel of respiratory viruses, as well as Expand further studies for Human Coronavirus.


Contact: John W. Majewski email:


2021-04-23 03:41

Ref; Green projects /cleantech- Wind turbines factory LETS SAVE THE PLANET BY CO2 TOXIC EMISSION.  "A TONNE OF CO2 EMITTED FROM FOSSIL FUEL WILL MELTDOWN 32 SQFT. OF ARCTIC ICE”.  We, Integrated Industry Ecology LLC, seeking investors. debt raise, equity for wind turbines factory based on transfer technology and license to build wind turbines with rated power from 750KW- 4 MW, training provided and components supply. Ongoing technical assistance from wind turbines factory construction to wind farm completion inland /deep sea, export. Seeking min $250K to go public listed and complete a bankable feasibility study. Exist strategy buy back after 2-3 years production or remain on board. http:/windexexchange. energy. Await to hear from you in due course and remain 

Yours sincerely, John Didea CEO/ Integrated Industry Ecology LLC/ + 61416287798.  Brisbane Australia   

2021-04-23 08:32

Basic gardenTool Co. manufactures the BGTs in Liberty Lake, WA.

Hand made Blacksmith quality. 5/handle lengths... Multiple models...  2/ Utility Patents...

Sold over 8,000 BGTs since starting in Seattle GardenShow in 2012.

over 225 /5 stars on Amazon. Marketed on line thru our web site  []   and Amazon

New products planned... a new Unique Shovel and our new Softgrip shock absorbing handle grip.

Funds needed:

$100,000 in exdchange for 1.5 shares for ezch sollar invested.


2021-04-23 12:21


We offer the ONLY fully integrated Medical Practice Management Software System (“MPMSS”), that empowers Physicians and Patients alike, via the strategic deployment of Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) across “Cloud” supported “App” and “Web” based utilities. Our existing product attributes include:

-Patient Scheduling and Electronic Medical Record Management

- Comprehensive Telehealth-Telemedicine with AI dictation

- AI Skin Cancer Recognition  Module

-GPS Enabled Medical Concierge Services Delivery and Coordination

- Patient/Clinician Remote Monitoring that is compatible with 300+ Consumer Devices (such as Omron, Fitbit, Apple Watch, etc.)

- Seamless Patient Insurance &Pharmacy & Lab & DME & Billing Integration

- A Comprehensive, Fully HIPAA Compliant Patient Health and Record Information System

- A proprietary application for select patient data to be collected as a NFT, ensuring that all data is authentic and to enable control of the data and its use

-A Compendious Medical Resources Library

- An Integrated Staff, Facility and Clinical Resources Management Scheme  

-A Patient and Clinician “Central Hub” where all a Patient’s care, treatments and Providers can be found

- A Complete Sales and Marketing Platform, inclusive of “Salesforce” and “Mailchimp” like resources, but refined for use in a Patient/Provider/Medical setting

-A Full Suite of Financial, Accounting and Payment System capabilities ala “QuickBooks” or “Sage Business” and all refined, for specific use in a Medical Practice setting

- Full Administration of the MPMSS, via a central; “all-in-one,” ease of use Dashboard, that can be administered remotely and with access controls


Our product represents a robust and potentially disruptive resource, to Primary Care Providers and Physician Practices, alike.   Most importantly, our product, affords the most important stakeholder in the delivery of healthcare services, the Patient, unique access to resources and benefits, that simply cannot be found elsewhere on an ease of use or cost-efficient basis and that will aid Physicians, in not only patient retention and satisfaction, but will serve as a “cutting edge” differentiation “tool” for Physicians, to attract and serve new patients.


All the software and technology supporting our product exist and we would consider a merger with a SPAC, as an alternative capitalization option, enabling us to rapidly obtain additional “topflight” management, sales and marketing, customer and tech support talent needed; to accelerate the company’s scale, to its coming, market leadership position.

If there is interest in learning more about this opportunity, please reach out by email to: and




2021-04-24 04:44

PixelFree Studio presents a unique opportunity because it was created to solve a problem that the program creator and his fellow developers at Cognizant (a company with 300,000-400,000 programmers) regularly face.


App and website development gets backlogged in UI because of all the necessary handwritten code. Companies like Home Depot, for example, employ over a thousand programmers just to maintain their apps and websites. PixelFree automates the UI process, creating significant efficiencies. More importantly, though, PixelFree does it in every language (ios, html, android, etc.). Most large company websites have several teams, one for each language, with all trying to create the exact same end-user experience. PixelFree does all of that for them, eliminating the need for multiple teams and saving hundreds to thousands of hours per project. The best part, however, is that PixelFree actually generates native code. Create what you want in Pixel Free, save the file, open it in a builder (like Android Builder) and everything you created is there, with the code, ready to go. The company's website is The company is seeking to raise $3 million at a valuation of $20 million


The following are links to the:

1. Business Plan (

2. Informational PowerPoint Deck (

3. Intended Use of FundsDeck Use of Funds (

4. A Powerpoint Sample of the Look and Feel of the Software (


NOTE: A working live online Demo of the Android version of the software is available upon request. An Alpha version of the software will be available within 8-12 weeks and we anticipate generating revenue within 16-20 weeks.
2021-04-24 11:40

We are a consumer-branded product line that is currently sold in 20,000 retail stores and online.  We have a proven business model that can scale to nine-figure revenues. 


- Pandemic/recession-proof household goods.

- Outstanding consumer reviews. 

- 20-year successful track record at major retailers.

- Top seller on Amazon.

- 40% profit margins with economies of scale increases.

- Mature in-house manufacturing.

- Proprietary formulas. 

- Planned expansion into other product lines, including natural and sustainable consumer packaged goods.

- Positioned for international distribution.


Send inquiries to
2021-04-26 21:57

After two successful exits in the heavy-duty vehicle electrification space, RockeTruck's founders are putting their 25+ years of related experience and industry connections to work to develop the world's most effiicent, reliable battery-electric and fuel cell trucks.  Focusing initially on the largest trucks on the road, Class 8 "semi" trucks, our proprietary design offers the following advantages:

  1. Most aerodynamic truck body in the world, developed initially to boost diesel truck fuel efficiency with funding from Shell Lubricants, but ideally configured to also get 25-30% more range out of battery and fuel cell systems.
  2. Core electric propulsion and control technology developed and validated over the course of more than a decade by the founders' prior company TransPower and its current owner Meritor, which acquired TransPower in 2020 to merge its technology with its own electrified axle product, "eAxle."
  3. Proprietary "skateboard"-style chassis design customized to upgrade the TransPower-Meritor system with new batteries and fuel cells manufactured by a U.S. Big Three automaker.

Based on the above, we are confident that RockeTruck can leapfrog other companies that have recently used SPACs to pursue competing truck electrification initiatives. Combined with the best aerodynamics of any truck on the road (drag coefficient of 0.25), the higher energy density and production volumes of the mass-produced automotive batteries will give our trucks longer operating range and enable us to offer them at a lower price point than competing manufacturers.  The automotive fuel cell, once in mass production, will offer even greater range and economic improvements.  We plan to introduce our first "StarShip" battery-electric truck in 2024 and our first fuel cell version a year later.  SPAC funding will be used to complete our four-year development and validation program while building a customized electric truck manufacturing complex on a 7-acre site RockeTruck is negotiating to purchase from a southern California municipality, followed by scale up of production and global marketing of these amazing trucks.


Our management team includes the former head of GM's EV-1 design team, along with leading experts on large battery packs, fuel cells, and power electronics.  Our chief financial officer has 20 years of experience with Ford and most recently was VP of Finance for a billion-dollar automotive engineering company.  Millions of miles of operation have been accumulated on electric Class 8 trucks and fuel cell-powered transit buses designed and developed by RockeTruck's founders over the past quarter century.


See for more info.  For a copy of our executive business plan or overview presentation, please contact CEO Mike Simon at  



2021-04-28 01:17

Ref; Green projects /cleantech- Wind turbines factory LETS SAVE THE PLANET BY CO2 TOXIC EMISSION.  "A TONNE OF CO2 EMITTED FROM FOSSIL FUEL WILL MELTDOWN 32 SQFT. OF ARCTIC ICE”.  We, Integrated Industry Ecology LLC, seeking investors. debt raise, equity for wind turbines factory based on transfer technology and license to build wind turbines with rated power from 750KW- 4 MW, training provided and components supply. Ongoing technical assistance from wind turbines factory construction to wind farm completion inland /deep sea, export. Seeking min $250K to go public listed and complete a bankable feasibility study. Exist strategy buy back after 2-3 years production or remain on board. http:/windexexchange. energy. Await to hear from you in due course and remain  Yours sincerely 

John Didea CEO/ Integrated Industry Ecology LLC/ + 61416287798.  Brisbane Australia  email;