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How much does a Reg D offering cost?

Costs for a Regulation D offering

This list is intended to summarize the costs for guidance and information purposes.  It is not precise, and it is not a binding proposal. Most fees below are paid directly to the relevant service provider. When needed, we will refer you to service providers experienced in Reg D.

  • Legal fee: $12k - $30k depending on complexity.
  • Marketing costs: We introduce experienced and efficient marketing agencies to you and help you manage them. The early-stage expenses of preparing the marketing content, the offering page, and advertising will be approximately $35k. The total cost of marketing will range from 6% to 8% of capital raised (not charged as a %).
  • For Manhattan Street Capital Fees: (which include AML check and accreditation verification), see our fees by clicking here.
  • Generally, Reg D 506c is reasonable offerings that cost 10% to 12% of capital raised plus warrants, depending on how easy or difficult it is to appeal to savvy accredited investors.
  • To reach the point that the offering is raising money online, total costs are likely to run about $80k and can be more with complex PPMs.


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