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My company is outside the USA, can I use Reg A+?

Can a company that is based outside the USA and Canada use Regulation A+ ?

You must establish the legal headquarters for your company in the USA or Canada. Most companies that take this route set up a "C" Corporation in Delaware.

If most of your investors will come from your country and a few from the US, then using a Tier 1 Reg A+ can be a very good fit. The advantages of Tier 1 are that you do not have to file an Audit with the SEC and you do not have to make revenue and profit reports every six months.  The big disadvantage of Tier 1 is that when you raise money from investors in a US State, you must have satisfied that State's Blue Sky regulations. 

If you will raise capital from US investors then Tier 2 is the way to go for your offering. If your non-US company opens a new division in the USA which itself raises capital to expand your business into the US market, this is acceptable.

If you raise capital to buy a US-based company and expand it, this is fine. The SEC may require your capital raise to be used to benefit the USA directly or indirectly. You will want to seek legal advice on this, we can refer you to expert attorneys.

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