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What services does Manhattan Street Capital provide for STOs?

What we do;

  • Recommend and introduce service providers of all needed types
  • Guide Blockchain entrepreneurs on how to create appealing Tokens for offering success and long-term engagement
  • Guide how to promote the offering
  • In conjunction with SEC expert attorneys that we introduce you to, assist and advise in the process of adapting the STO to be SEC regulation compliant in all necessary aspects with all needed service providers and with the entrepreneurs.
  • Qualify, introduce and assist in negotiating agreement and budget with the marketing agency (we have selected expert marketing agencies)
  • Assess marketing program cost-effectiveness at all stages and assist in direction and project management throughout.
  • Monitor overall process and efficiency to recommend the best solutions
  • Maximize conversion rate of investment prospects through our proprietary platform
  • Perform Anti Money Laundering checks (AML) on all investors
  • Verify investor identity where needed
  • Auto-translate the offering (and our entire site) into the language of the visitor/investor.
  • Accept international and US address formats and identification documents
  • Find and qualify broker-dealers and exchanges where needed, introduce them and assist in negotiating terms (there are significant advantages for Reg A+ STOs)

Note that there are no guarantees of success in this process. These offerings are expensive and entail a risk of failure. 


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