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Cost guide for an STO with Manhattan Street Capital?

Costs For Reg D and Reg A+ STOs;

  • Legal fee $12k - $50k depending on complexity. (Reg A+ is at least $40k). Reg D and Reg S are less.
  • Marketing fee paid to the agency that we introduce if needed. In strong STOs, once they build momentum, marketing costs per $ raised tend to reduce as the STO progresses. We introduce agencies and manage them with you. The total cost of marketing will range from 4% to 8% of capital raised (not charged as a %).
  • AML check $5 per investor worldwide.
  • For Manhattan Street Capital Fees: (The Reg D fee includes AML check and accreditation verification) see our fees by clicking here.
  • Optional Software Engineering; Cost $20K-$65K depending on the features of the smart contract application or platform.
    • Minimum Viable Product(MVP) development ~$20-40K estimate
    • Smart contract & token development $15K estimate


Timeline Schedule for a Reg D STO

Timeline Schedule for a Reg A+ STO

Manhattan Street Capital  STO program description

Timeline for a Reg A+ STO via Convertible Notes