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How long does it take for my investment to complete?

Making an investment usually doesn't take longer than 6-10 minutes. After you have completed the investment form, you can choose a payment method. Manhattan Street Capital provides a wide variety of payment options such as; debit cards, check, wire, ACH, and cryptocurrencies. Chose the one that fits you the most, follow the instructions and transfer the funds to the company you are investing in's special account. After the money is received you will be notified that your investment was received.

In most cases, the company you are investing in will process your investment quickly. If there is a requirement that investors must be accredited, then that process will wait on you proving the needed information.

Soon after you are requested to complete your subscription agreement the company accepting your investment will process your investment and issue you the securities you bought.

If the company you are investing in has a minimum total $ amount they must raise before they can raise any capital (this is unusual), then there may be a delay while they bring in sufficient investment $.

At any time you can email the company you are investing in or comment on their offering page to get answers to your investing questions.

If you would like to see the detailed description of the investing process, please read our related FAQ


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