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What advantages are there to having a low minimum raise in my Regulation A+ offering?

Is it a good idea to set a low minimum in the Regulation A+ offering?

A low minimum such as $100k for the first closing has some significant advantages based upon observing companies doing Regulation A+ offerings:

1) A low minimum makes the offering real or "effective" very early in the process which matters hugely to the Broker-Dealers - they will not engage till that has taken place. The higher the minimum, the less engagement from the Broker-dealer syndicate a company will get to the point where they will not engage at all.

2) Item 1 above applies to retail investors too. They are more inclined to invest when an offering is "Real" than when the whole thing could unravel if the minimum is not met.

3) A company can bring in capital early with a low minimum, so the cash flow impact of the marketing expenditures is largely neutralized from the earliest time in the process - this is very good for ensuring adequate funding of the marketing with less cash flow risk.

4) Some companies have failed to raise enough capital to meet their high minimum, then re-filed with the SEC for a lower minimum and re-launched their offering. This is very expensive and consumes a lot of time.