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How can I use Rule 144A to raise capital and list my company?

What is Rule 144A and how can I use it to raise capital and list my company?

Rule 144A® (Certain uses have been patented by Manhattan Street Capital) is a capital-raising method that can be offered and marketed online to Institutional investors in the US and any investor outside the US via Reg S. It is simple and offers the Issuing company the ability to publicly list its security post offering for public trading by US Institutional investors. Investments are only allowed from Qualified Institutional Investors or "QIBs".

Up-front disclosures are minimal, SEC filing is simple and rapid, and Institutions are immediately liquid to other institutions. Post raise, the securities can be publicly listed on ATS (Alternative Trading Sytems) for convenient trading between Institutions.

Non-US investors invest via Reg S and are liquid immediately as long as they only sell to non-US investors.

The Issuing Company must initially sell the securities to an intermediary - usually via Reg D - and the intermediary makes the online offer to the market. Manhattan Street Capital introduces the intermediary and other service providers.

See this indexed clickable video that compares Reg A+, Reg D, and Rule 144A