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Timeline for a (Tier 2) Reg A+ STO

  • 1. Choose which funding method would be the best fit for your company, it depends on several different factors. Get legal advice on the details. Select a marketing agency that will manage your 360° marketing campaign.  Get legal advice.
  • 2.a Engage a legal service provider to do your SEC filing. 
  • 2.b In the case of a Tier 2 offering, you are required to have a two-year Audit, if your company has existed for less than 2 years, the audit period will be the age of your company.
  • 3.a Start the Form 1A filing with the SEC. Get Qualified by the SEC.
  • 3.b In parallel with the SEC filing, the marketing agency builds offering pitch, video, PR, graphics, social media accounts, advertising. SEC Qualifies the offering.
  • 4.a The offering goes live, the investors can purchase your companies' Tokens/securities. The investors deposit money into escrow.
  • 4.b Start the marketing campaign.
  • 5. First closing can take place, the money from escrow transfers to your company’s bank account, and the tokens to the investors. Your company can pay the ongoing marketing and other costs from the raised money.
  • 6. Continue the marketing campaign till you decide you have raised enough capital, but no more than the maximum $ the SEC qualified. Say a further 2 months to get to the maximum allowed. Maximum time allowed under one SEC filing is 12 months. The company may pause their offering and reopen during this time.

-This is a Summary schedule that is condensed and simplified. Each offering is unique and timing will differ.
-There are many aspects of the schedule that are adjustable according to confidence and success level.