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Crowd-funding is now seeing the benefit of SEC approval through Title IV of the JOBS Act -- Regulation A+ funding.  
Regulation A+ .. 61 Companies Filed, 12 Qualified by the SEC, 6 underway.
Lipkin is doubtful investors will jump quickly, but Turner has an optimistic perspective on what the SEC’s new legislation allows growth companies — and their investors...
Reg A+ - 69/100 Filed, 23/29 Qualified, $1.5 Bill intended to raise April Updates: Regulation A+ Continues To Climb
Reg A+ - 116 Filed, 34 qualified, 24 Testing The Waters, 10 Funding, reservations and investments building
TestTheWaters(TM) informal offerings have $96 Mill of Reservations from 60k people. 
TestTheWaters(TM) informal offerings have $104 Mill of Reservations at an average of $1,500 each, more below..
NewsBeat Social announces Regulation A+ NASDAQ IPO listing, Ticker Symbol NEWZ 

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