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Use these 12 steps for success with your Regulation A+ Capital Raise.
Are you curious about this growing method of raising up to $50 million per year, without the cost and complexity of a traditional IPO or the need for VC? Here I describe...
Where does your company fit with the new SEC Equity CrowdFunding rules?
Now Anyone can invest in Startups and Mid sized Private Companies. Here's how:
Get Ready for a Business Crowdfunding Revolution by PC Magazine
Money and Funding Your Company
When it comes to funding a mid-stage comapny, startup, or small business, there are several options ranging from SEC's Regulation A+ to crowdfunding.
A physicist has landed $1.1 million in funding to further develop laser technology that fights cancer. 
There is a lot to consider before launching a new business -- from funding to personal well-being. How can you do it right?

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