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What are the three biggest risks to my Reg A+ succeeding?

The audit is delayed and costs far more than expected. Delayed audits are the single biggest logistics reason for Reg A+ offerings to fail. Using big name auditors causes huge costs and they are rarely sensitive enough to the urgency that a small client company has. We recommend that you use high-quality mid-sized audit firms that are more likely to treat your company as a priority and stick to their price.

Your company is not appealing enough to consumer investors.

Weak or inefficient marketing. Excellent marketing is required and the agency doing the work must genuinely believe at the outset that they can deliver low-cost results. If an agent expects that they will have to spend $12 for every $100 of investment money their client receives, then the whole offering will be far too expensive. An agency that believes they can do all that is needed for $3 per $100 of capital raised is far more likely to deliver cost-effective results.


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