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What Is The Timeline For A Reg A+ STO Via Warrants?


Step 1.A.

Start the Reg A+ process. Two-year Audit (if your company has existed for less than 2 years, the audit period will be the age of your company). After the Audit is done, file the Form 1-A with the SEC.

Step 1.B.

Start the Token and Smart Contract development using the capital flowing in from the warrant investments.

Step 2

The SEC qualifies the offering. 

Step 3

Prepare the warrants. The offering goes live on Manhattan Street Capital, market the offering. Raise capital up to $75 million by selling warrants to investors that they can later convert into Tokens.

Step 4

The Tokens are functioning and they are ready to be issued to the warrant owners.

Step 5

After the SEC qualified the offering and the Tokens are ready, the warrant owners become Reg A+ investors and they warrants convert to Tokens. The Tokens are considered liquid, the investors can sell them without a holding period.


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