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What Questions Should I Expect From My Legal Service Provider In The Preparation Of Form 1-A?

The legal service provider will most likely ask the following questions.

1. State of Formation
2. Address
3. Phone
4. Principal Names

  • a. Ages
  • b. Bios
  • c. Roles

5. How much authorized stock?
6. Capitalization table?
7. Equity Split?
8. Minimum raise
9. Minimum investment by an investor.
10. Share price 
11. Salaries to officers/directors?
12. Do you have a business plan that you can send me?
13. Will you use leverage? If so, up to how much?
14. How will the offering funds be considered? Debt? Equity in? (I can explain and this is needed for your audit).
15. How much will you allocate to marketing costs?
16. How do you plan to sell the securities?