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What kind of disclosures will my company have to adhere to?

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What kind of disclosures will my company have to adhere to?

Regulation A+ requires detailed disclosures that are similar to but far less extensive than for a traditional public offering under the oversight of the SEC. Think of the RedHerring(TM) that you may have seen or heard of, but with simpler requirements.  The process of filing for permission from the SEC to make a Regulation A plus offering involves online work using EDGAR.  Form 1A is the document that must be filed with the SEC.   Dealing with the SEC is likely to be a multi-step process.    

After funding, your company will be required to make regular financial disclosures to the SEC, but they are far less demanding than those required today for a public company on the NASDAQ or NYSE. Companies that make Tier 2 offerings are required to file financial results with the SEC twice per year, with annual audits, and any material change must be posted when it occurs.  We will post detailed instructions and videos about dealing with the SEC. And we will offer services to assist you.

Companies that use Tier 1 are not required to make ongoing profit/loss and revenue reports to the SEC, and they do not have to file audited financials prior to the offering, but they must report any material events to the SEC and to investors; for example, when a key executive is fired or resigns.