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What else does Manhattan Street Capital offer besides Regulation A+ fundraising?

What else does Manhattan Street Capital offer besides Regulation A + fundraising?

Besides fundraising, Manhattan Street Capital offers the help and guidance for companies to navigate through a Regulation A+ offering. Through you interacting with our members and the Resources that participate on our site, we’ll help you improve your pitch to investors and refine your share offering terms. After you complete your offering, our members, Resources and your new investors will help you to the extent that you engage in a dialog with them, to help you prosper. We will also list resources for you to use, and accumulate member ratings of them to help you select which to work with.

We will also offer a service to have analysts follow your company, research your market and competitors, and make forecasts of your company's revenues and profits. This program, which we call CrowdAnalyst(TM) is designed to help investors decide if they want to buy your shares traded in the aftermarket. We will offer services to help you communicate with your investors, post offering.

Companies can participate in our RegA+Audition (TM) program which helps them to get a better look at their company's consumer appeal. 

We also provide IPO Consulting Service to companies that intend to go public and list on one of the major markets. 

Our ManhattanStreet-ICO (TM) program makes it possible to companies to raise money by selling tokens in an SEC compliant way.