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What is RegA+ Audition (TM) ?

Test how well Regulation A+ will work for your company in our new RegA+Audition(TM) program.

This service is for you if you want to conduct a low-cost market test of your companies’ appeal to investors before you commit to the costs of a Reg A+ offering.

List your Audition on Manhattan Street Capital and we will provide an agency for marketing professional services plus an online advertising campaign. The cost-efficiency of marketing your company is the key here, and this can be discovered with a low media spend.

By running multiple RegA+Audition(TM) at the same time, we will provide you with marketing result comparisons which will further help you decide if Reg A+ will work well for your company.

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We are of course using the Reg A+ TestTheWaters(TM) regulations here. We are simply providing an inexpensive way for companies to test their appeal to investors that save time and money.