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Manhattan Street Capital's STO Investment Process and Services via RegD, Reg S and Reg A+

Manhattan Street Capital's STO Investment Process and Services via  Reg D, Reg S and Reg A+

The client company is also called the “Issuer” below.

  • Enable investors worldwide to quickly and easily invest using any language.
  • Accept all popular cryptocurrencies,
  • Automate investor subscription document eSignature.
  • Conduct AML check on all investors.
  • Verify that the AML approved investor is the one who actually makes the investment where ambiguous.
  • Verify investor Accreditation.
  • Automate emails to investors from Issuer during their investment process.
  • Optionally accept Fiat currency via ACH, Check, Wire, Debit cards.
  • Optionally establish a bank account or escrow account for investment deposit and transfer.
  • Host investor dashboard for status.
  • Guide/train Issuer staff on what they can and cannot say to investors.
  • Guide/train Issuer on what is and is not allowed in marketing the offering.
  • Overcome obstacles in the logistics of marrying the STO with the SEC regulations by showing the client the solutions and assisting in making them work.
  • Identify and work with marketing agencies where needed, and advise and guide them and Issuer to maximize effectiveness.
  • Identify, advise, and where relevant implement methods to reduce offering costs.
  • Assist in engaging all needed third party service providers (example broker-dealer if Issuer elects to take this approach).
  • Note that many of the services we provide/introduce and integrate with require third-party entities.

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