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How long does a Regulation A Plus offering take?

How much time should I allow to complete my Regulation A Plus offering?

In total, expect that the whole process will take from 4 to 6 months approximately.  This allows about one month to TestTheWaters(TM).

The fastest route is to start preparing to market the offering and start the Form 1-A Filing with the SEC at the same time. Then it is possible to do the first closing (assuming a low funding minimum) about 90 days after starting the SEC filing and the marketing agency. This approach has some cost risk exposure because you discover how appealing your offering is after you start the effort and spend $50k on the legal filing.  It has less risk in one important respect - you are less likely to have investor enthusiasm wane after months in the market in TestTheWaters(TM). 

You should plan for two to three months marketing your company offering, improving it and making it more and more specific, then getting oversubscribed. You can choose to do all this in parallel with or prior to starting the SEC registration process. Current estimates are that it will take 71 days to get your (completed) Reg A+ filing qualified by the SEC. Then allow from one week up to three months or so for the fundraising itself - longer in some circumstances. It is permitted by the SEC to continue to sell shares for an extended period, and in some cases this is prudent. Bear in mind the marketing costs of staying live mount up! 

The primary issue here is how effective the early marketing was in engaging investor interest. With a very large backlog of investor reservations accumulated, it will be a faster process for them to convert their reservations into actual investments.

We have selected comprehensive marketing agencies that are skilled at this kind of marketing - getting a lot of traction quickly and cost-effectively. While you can use the agency of your choice, we recommend our agencies to increase the likelihood of a successful outcome.

Specialized accountants, auditors, and attorney services will enter the market and reduce costs over time.  We will introduce you to such providers as needed.

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