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Do I Have To Take my Company Public To Use Regulation A+ ?

Do I Have To Take my Company Public To Use Regulation A+ ?




The question is; do I have to take my company public to use Regulation A+?

The answer is No. You can choose not to list your company on a marketplace, and then your shares will not be public.  Regulation A+ allows you to make your shares liquid after the offering, but it is not required. In Tier 1 offerings the only reporting requirements post offering are to report to the SEC any significant change in the business.

In the case of a Tier 2 offering then it’s optional to list it on one of the OTC markets but it is only optional it’s not a requirement. If your offering able to meet the NASDAQ or the NYSE requirements, you can list your company. The Reg A+ shares can be liquid post offering and what that means is if you do not choose to list your company then you still have some reporting requirements to the SEC which are these: in the case of a Tier 2 offering then once every six months you need to report the revenues and profits of the company and once every year produce audited financials and again if there’s a significant status change in the business then you need to report that as well. That’s the sum of it in the case of Tier 1 and Tier 2.


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