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What does it mean to Reserve your investment in Reg A+ ?

What does it mean to Reserve your investment in Reg A+ ?

When you like the look of a company in its informal TestTheWaters(TM) stage, and if you would like to make a non-binding reservation, we call that "Reserve my Investment." The advantages to an investor are these:

If the company later completes a capital raise, then you will have booked yourself space in that offering at the IssuePrice(TM) (the price per share at which the shares are sold by the company). If the company shares are in short supply after the offering, and if the shares are listed by the company on a stock market like the OTCQB or OTCQX,  NASDAQ or NYSE markets, then you might be able to sell your shares for a profit later; or you might lose all of your investment, of course. This gives you better access to shares than in a traditional IPO, in which the vast majority of investors never have a chance to buy the IPO shares at their IssuePrice(TM).

By making your reservation, you also get to be a part of the company's experience as it moves through the process of interacting with the interested investors and developing its offering so that it becomes a formal offering circular. Many investors will enjoy this experience.

By making your reservation, you help the company and Manhattan Street Capital as we work to make sure that there is sufficient investor interest in the offering to make it worthwhile for the company to complete the process.