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What is the "Company Offerings" Page in Reg A+ ?

What is the  "Company Offerings" Page in Reg A+ ?

Manhattan Street Capital's "Company Offerings" page is an interactive platform that gives companies the opportunity to market their offering and to engage with prospective investors. No investing is done in this stage. Also called TestingTheWaters(TM).

Companies will solicit non-binding IndicationsOfInterest(TM) or ReservationsOfInvestment(TM) dollars from prospective investors. This makes it easy for companies to find out if they can successfully raise money. They can refine their offering and determine if to move forward with an SEC application.

During the process, as a prospective investor, you get to offer insights and ask questions of the companies to help them refine their pitches. And you can make non-binding funding reservations so the companies and Manhattan Street Capital can assess investor interest.