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Key Reg A+ terms at Manhattan Street Capital

Key terms and Trademarks at Manhattan Street Capital

  • This is a partial list of key and Trademarked terms on Manhattan Street Capital.
  • RegA+AuditionTM: The Manhattan Street Capital low low-cost test to check if the market interest in your company justifies you doing a Reg A+ offering. It is an informal version of TestingTheWaters(TM).
  • AddOnOffering™: A company issues additional shares, thereby increasing the size of their original offering.
  • EffectiveDate™: The first day when shares in an offering are sold.
  • FinalProspectus™: After a company has completed Regulation A+ and SEC registration, a prospectus with the number of shares and offering price is made available through FundAthena. 
  • HotIssue™: An issue is hot when the accumulated IndicationsOfInterest™ far exceed the offering amount in dollar terms.
  • IssuePrice™: The actual price shares will be sold to the public.
  • OfferingPrice™: The planned price per share in an Offering.
  • OfferingRange™: The price range that the offering company expects to sell its shares to the public.
  • PracticalPublicOffering(TM), also called PPO(TM): Term describes the method in which a privately owned company can conduct a Practical Public Offering in which its shares are made liquid and publicly tradeable by using Regulation A+ as a capital raising system. 
  • PreliminaryProspectus™: The non-final offering by a company detailing the business, business strategy, historical financial statements, explanation of recent financial results, and the management teams background and ownership.
  • ReservationsOfInvestment™: ReservationsOfInvestment(TM) are not investments, and they are not binding. They book an opportunity to buy shares at the Issue Price in the future.
  • TestTheWaters(TM): This is the stage when a company is checking to see if their products, market and their plans for using the capital they wish to raise meet with the approval of potential investors. In the process, the company is under no obligation to sell shares to investors.
  • SecondaryOffering™: When a company returns after one year, to make another Reg A+ Offering.
  • RatedResources™: Resources suggested by members to accelerate the state of readiness for raising capital.
  • CrowdAnalyst™: Analysts follow companies in the marketplace, research the market and competitors, and make forecasts of the companies' revenues and profits. The program is designed for a stable share price in the aftermarket.   
  • IndicationsOfInterest™: IndicationsOfInterest(TM) gathers multiple non-binding ways to bookings of the opportunity to buy shares at the Issue Price in the future.
  • IndicationOfInterest(TM): A non-binding way for an investor to book the opportunity to buy shares at the Issue Price in the future
  • Simple Public Offering(TM) and Simple Public Offerings(TM): The terms we use to describe an offering on Manhattan Street Capital and contrast it with an IPO.