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How much will it cost for reporting as a Reg A + public company if I take this route?

What is the ongoing cost of reporting having completed your Regulation A+ offering?

If you choose to, you can take your company public using Reg A+. You can decide which marketplace do you want to choose to make the IPO. The OTC Markets (OTCQB, OTCQX) are less prestigious than the NYSE or the NASDAQ, but the listed companies need less reporting, and the costs are lower. The listing fee is currently $2,500 for OTCQB, with a $12,000 annual renewal fee payable to OTC Markets. On the OTCQX, there are more reporting requirements - quarterly financials and an initial background check on the executives of the management team. The fees are higher for an OTCQX listing - $5,000 listing fee plus $20,000 per year. Audits are required once per year, I would say that the low end of the audit cost is going to be twenty thousand dollars a year and up depending on the firm you use. If your company meets the requirements of the bigger markets, you can choose to list your company on the NASDAQ or on the NYSE. In the case of NASDAQ, the annual fee is around $40,000, on the NYSE it is $50,000 and above, negotiated with the NYSE. The reporting requirements are much higher than on the OTC Markets.      Related Content: Cost of taking your company public using Regulation A+ How to do an IPO to the NASDAQ or NYSE via Regulation A+? If you are interested, Become a Member, or Contact us.