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How to market your Regulation A + company offering

How to market your Regulation A + company offering

One of the great things about the Reg A+ system is that you are allowed to market your company widely. It's the opposite of the traditional IPO "Quiet Period". This means that you are allowed (and you won't succeed if you don't do this) to market your company and gather non-binding reservations before SEC Qualification of your Offering. After SEC Qualification, you can actively market to actual investors through all methods to generate investments. Of course, doing this requires a dedicated and effective marketing program that covers all the bases - 360 degree marketing. That means testing marketing messages, the creation of a beautiful and clearly written offering that appeals to your audience, a compelling and short video, PR, advertising, social media, influencer marketing and more.  Project management and the coordinated combination of all the moving parts is a significant skill that most agencies don't need but that is essential in crowd investor marketing. Manhattan Street Capital will assist. 

For the whole campaign through to prepare for raising capital, you should expect to spend from $25k or more depending on the amount you intend to raise, on the marketing of your offering, how many customers you have, how big your social media presence is already, how well known and liked your company and its products are.  And how much the public like and can understand what your company does. If you have a cancer treatment it will be far easier than if you manage garbage collection routing. The minimum you could get away with for an offering that is easy to sell is 4% but 6-9% is more typical, in marketing cost, although of course, the agencies do not charge on a % basis. They charge for their time and for the media costs of your campaign.

We work with some very talented marketing agencies that specialize in the kind of marketing that is needed. We will introduce you to them.

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