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Get your Reg A+ offering qualified at the SEC

Get your Reg A+ offering Qualified by the SEC

If your offering meets with sufficient investor enthusiasm, then at some point in the offering process you will want to start your application with the SEC. You can be conservative, and wait until you are oversubscribed. Or if time is of the essence, you can start the SEC process earlier. Average time to get Qualified is 71 days.

Regulation A+ requires detailed disclosures that are similar to but far less extensive than for a traditional public offering under the oversight of the SEC. Think of the RedHerring(TM) that you may have seen or heard of.  But with simpler requirements.  The process of filing for qualification from the SEC to make a Regulation A+ offering involves online work using EDGAR.  Form 1-A is the document that must be filed with the SEC.   Dealing with the SEC is likely to be a multi-step process.  It might take as little as 60 days to get SEC qualification for a startup, or 90 days for an existing company, or more. The more complex the history of the company, the more involved the process will likely be. 

Once your offering is Qualified, you are allowed to go to the fundraising stage. You can check out our FAQ about a typical Regulation A+ offering process, by clicking here.

We have specialized resources that you can use to help you make your filing for a lower cost and faster result (this costs approximately $40k for a simple company, $50k for a more complex business). Of course, you can use the law firm of your choice.


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