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Cost of Marketing to Investors For Your Regulation A+ Offering

Cost of Marketing to Investors For Your Regulation A+ Offering





The question is: what is the cost of marketing to investors for your Regulation A+ offering? These are the factors. The cost itself is going to vary from probably a low of fifty thousand dollars up to a high end two hundred and fifty or even three hundred thousand dollars. That’s for, you have to think of all the digital marketing components, social media, public relations, advertising and various components thereof. We have agencies that we work with that are specialists in this field. You will have the most effect, the most bang for your buck by using one of them and so you reduce the risk. Increase the upside and reduce the risk reduce the cost by using one of these agencies that are specialized. So that’s about it in terms of the cost structure. The implementing factors are if you already have a product or a service with a lot of consumers liking it and strong social media presence those things will reduce the cost and increase the ease with which you can complete the capital raise.