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Can I Raise More Than $50 mill in a year using Reg A+?

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Is there a legitimate way to raise more than the $50 mill cap with Regulation A+?

Yes. For allowed businesses that can segment their market by geographic regions, it is possible to make multiple simultaneous offerings for one entity.This method is particularly appropriate for Venture Capital Funds that use 60% or more debt and 40% or less in equity holdings. Another suitable use is for Real Estate offerings, which can easily be segmented by geography.

For example, let's say a company is planning to lend its capital across the USA. A company can establish say six regions of the US and raise capital for each region simultaneously using a dedicated Reg A+ for each region. In this example, the maximum per year would be 6x50 = $300 million per year.

It is also possible to use this method to raise capital for a Venture Capital Fund that is primarily Debt based. It can have up to 40% of its assets in the form of equity holdings. By taking the multi-region approach a fund can be raised that could be very large.