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What is FundAthena?

What is FundAthena?

FundAthena launched May 16th 2015, making it the world’s first online Regulation A+ marketplace.

FundAthena is a division of Manhattan Street Capital. Companies that are led by women or by truly gender diverse management teams qualify for special treatment and extra support from us. (To us, gender diverse means companies having at least one woman in the “C” level management team, at least 10% women in the VP/Director level management team, and 25% in the professional level. Women own an equity stake in the business.).

Our goal is to help these businesses grow and prosper by providing them with easier access to capital so they can thrive. We believe that women entrepreneurs and executives need a break to reflect their real value to the US business world, and we want to help by improving their access to capital.

FundAthena brings together companies seeking funding with individuals who want to invest in businesses that are accelerating their growth by raising growth capital.