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What is the EmployYourFuture(TM) program?

I heard about the Manhattan Street Capital EmployYourFuture(TM) program - what is it?

This is our program to incentivize entrepreneurs to build startups that have the added clear objective of increasing employment to take charge of our future and cancel out many of the job losses that will be lost to the technology changes coming in our future already. 

Manhattan Street Capital provides free services to companies that take the EmployYourFuture(TM) program seriously and really get behind the creation of new jobs.

What if we were to motivate entrepreneurs to build companies that have the creation of new jobs on a significant scale as a clear objective? We know that entrepreneurs and startups have a huge impact on what they set their sights on. For example, look at the way Jeff Bezos has changed retail buying. I believe we can drive the most effective and positive human effect on our future by causing the most levered group in society–our entrepreneurs–to apply themselves to constructively build employment. As a group, entrepreneurs have the drive and the impact that can deliver on the required scale.

Let’s face it: Unfettered entrepreneurship is a wonderful phenomenon that has brought huge improvements to our world, but the focus on financial gain has started to take us down a road that will be harmful if left unadjusted.

Perhaps now is the time to motivate entrepreneurs to solve the upcoming employment vacuum. We cannot rely on altruism. So let’s get the growth capital industry (VC firms and Angel Investor Groups) on board with this objective, to provide the motivation needed to build the critical mass of entrepreneurs that is needed. And let’s get entrepreneurs to buy in. I have voted with my feet - I have set up a program at my company to encourage entrepreneurs to build startups that focus on creating employment.

We can have our future and enjoy it too—a far better alternative than the future that disrupts our children’s lives for decades!