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Exploring Sale to SPAC

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Fri, 2021-04-02 05:28
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This is where you present your company to the SPACs that are looking for Acquisitions so they can find you.

Describe your business, technology, and stage here. State the type of SPAC or deal you are interested in.

Provide enough information that the SPAC buyers can reasonably assess their level of interest.

Approach the SPACS that you like directly.

2021-04-08 16:47

Example Listing.

We are at the leading edge of battery technology and our method has been successfully prototyped, is production-ready and we are ready to scale manufacturing with a lead time of 60 days.

  1. Our tech suits use in Cars, Quadcopters, Airplanes and small devices.
  2. We deliver higher charge density and longer range per unit volume and mass than our competitors by a 45% margin, at a comparable cost.
  3. We are choosing now between being acquired by a SPAC versus doing a large funding round via Reg A+
  4. If you are interested email us at

This is an Example only.