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Charles Robertson

Charles Robertson
Charles Robertson


Founder and technology innovator at nCourt, safeBond and GovernmentWindow, specializing in the processes of citizen/government interaction. Author of books on business and family law.  Semi-retired attorney, former elected Magistrate Judge, admitted to practice in Georgia, Federal Courts, US Tax Court and SCOTUS.  Founded three companies that grew to +$20m revenue from launch (one is now over $200m).  Licensed USCG Master Captain, 35 years married father of four and lifelong student of human process. Currently spends some time as general counsel/consigliore to several small businesses and nonprofits when not tinkering with whatever motor happens to be lying about.

BS Economics and Finance Kennesaw State University
JD John Marshall Law, Atlanta
Founder/Tech Innovator
Founder/Patent Holder/Tech Innovator safeBond
Founder/Patent Holder/Tech innovator GovernmentWindow.
Attorney in
firm and private practice for nearly twenty-five years.

Type Of Companies Enjoys
My wheelhouse is $1m to $5m revenue service/technology companies, especially those providing services to municipal, county and state governments. Personally...occasional cigar smoking Mensa Libertarian that would still be pursuing a career as a Little League baseball coach if the youngest daughter hadn't preferred basketball (and she was a lefty, too!). Ayn Rand nut, fascinated by technology, interested in economics and government, curious to a fault, and unfortunately have become a bit blunt in my dotage.


Charles T. Robertson II
7001 E Hills Way
Woodstock, GA 30189