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We increase yields up to 40% or more, depending on the crop and climate, using our mature, proprietary technology. By applying ONIT Grow, farmers can use less water, fertilizers and other inputs on their crops, providing significant cost savings while producing healthier, stronger and more productive organic crops.

We sell to the global organic food market, which produced $45.2 billion in revenues in 2017—up 6% from the previous year. We are raising capital now to scale the business to meet its potential—which is huge. Invest now to lock in a favorable valuation while you can!

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Shown to Increase Yields Up To 40%

How ONIT Grow Works

What Farmers & Cultivators Want, ONIT Sciences Delivers

  • Any soil, Any region, ANY time

    Strength plants to combat disease & harsh weather conditions

  • Registered Organic Input

    Verified to comply with USDA National Organic Standards (7 CFR Part 205)

  • Helps Repel Insects, Mold & Mildew

    Verified to comply with USDA National Organic Standards (7 CFR Part 205)

  • Increase Yield

    Improves chlorophy|| production to increase photosynthesis capacity

  • Reduce Costs

    Absorption efficiency reduces the need of water and nutrients

ONIT grow is formulated with the highest quality purified & activated organic matter carbon source. It is a non-Ionic input, with benficial soil health and plant stimulant propertise which:

  • Act as an organic nanosurfactant additive to nutrients or fertilizers producer’s solution.
  • Improves delivery and absorption activity in both soil and plant tissue, thereby dramatically increasing growth potential.
  • Reduces surface tension on leaves which increase absorption and decreases water requirments.

Shorter Plant Germination Time Improved Disease & Drought Resistance Increased Plant Growth Higher Crop Yields

The Results

Case Study

Demo Trial on Pineapple in Bangladesh

A field trial of ONIT Grow was conducted at a Pineapple farm in Mymensingh, Bangladesh which showed a 15:1 return on investment to the farmer.

  • 100 Pineapple Plants Tested

  • 3 Applications of ONIT Grow

  • +22% Weight Gained in Pineapples Tested

15:1 Return on Investment to the Farmer

Yield Increases


RICE 25 to 40
PASTURES 12 to 27

Right products

Our flagship ONIT Grow™ product, and our ONIT Input+ and ONIT Input products, answer the need to improve crop production through natural, organic, non-GMO practices.

Right time

The worldwide demand for organically grown crops is at an all time high—and growing steadily.

Right market

ONIT is perfectly poised to take advantage of the Green Revolution in agriculture, with products that improve plant health and yield while providing significant return on investment to customers.

The Product Line



ONIT Grow is a proprietary that utilizes a groundbreaking non-GMO, all organic formulation to dramaticaly enhance crop growth by stimulating the nutrient and water uptake in plants.

ONIT Input Plus

ONIT Input Plus is a scaled down version of the onit grow product . It contains nano-input technology designed to be used with other nutrients, pesttisides, fingicides, or other products. ONIT input plus allows the immediate deliver of these products at the plant cellular level and at a significantly reduced price points. Onit input plus, like ONIT grow is a registered organic input.

ONIT Input

ONIT Input is a identical to onit input plus, but it is comprised of all natural ingredients that have not been certified organic. it is our lowest priced product.

Leadership Team

Gerry Martin

Gerry Martin

Chief Executive Officer, Director

Mr. Martin is responsible for executive oversight of ONIT Sciences. His executive guidance and financial expertise will be instrumental in propelling ONIT into a leadership position in the organic agriculture input market. Mr. Martin is professional CEO and seasoned business executive, holding real estate broker licenses in California, Georgia and Mississippi. He has worked with hundreds of businesses and individuals to increase revenue, provide working capital and increase shareholder value with over $500 million equity and debt transactions closed.

Dennis Locke

Dennis Locke

Chief Operations Officer

Mr. Locke has served as CFO, VP of operations and controller for a wide range of manufacturing and service companies, both publicly and privately. He has been a true believer in ONIT from the first application of ONIT Grow™ on an ailing Meyer’s lemon tree in his backyard. Seeing rapid improvement in the tree’s health, he agreed to accept the Chief Operations Officer position for the Company. Mr. Locke’s duties with ONIT include managing daily administrative, sales and operations functions, and oversee compliance and regulatory issues. He holds a Master of Business Administration and bachelor’s degree in accounting.

Jeff Moses

Jeff Moses

President, Chief Marketing Officer

Mr. Moses is a marketing and operations executive who has helped private companies achieve capitalization, revenue and exit goals for more than twenty years. He brings to ONIT a passion for brand building and crystal-clear communications. Mr. Moses is ONIT’s public relations point person and a leading advocate for the Company’s pursuit of a leadership position in the organic, non-GMO agriculture technologies market. Prior to joining the Company, Mr. Moses founded and served as creative director for a diversified advertising agency whose clients included Volvo, Sun Microsystems, Gateway Computers, Q-Logic, Quantum, Coldwell Banker Commercial, Time Warner Cable, Hyundai and Toshiba. His entrepreneurial spirit combined with his interest in organic foods and health and wellness products make Mr. Moses a perfect fit at ONIT.

Kevin Woodbridge

Kevin Woodbridge

Executive Vice President

Mr. Woodbridge brings a wealth of corporate development and finance experience to ONIT Sciences. Beginning with degrees in chemical engineering and business, Mr. Woodbridge started his career in finance with Paine Webber, quickly becoming one of the largest producing executive representatives in Southern California. From there he joined Cruttenden & Company as analyst, reviewing and selecting companies for financing. Mr. Woodbridge was instrumental in financing hundreds of millions for a variety of businesses as a founder and principal of The Michelson Group. More recently, he was instrumental in developing and successfully selling a nationally distributed all-natural tortilla chip company and ultra-premium tequila company. He brings a passion for business development, strategic relationships and finance to ONIT Sciences.

Jim Braasch

National Sales Director

ONIT’s domestic sales effort is headed by 25 year-plus organic fertilizers sales veteran Jim Braasch. Mr. Brassch was personally recommended by ONIT’s manufacturing partner as one of the top organic input sales resources in the country. He has been tasked with developing distributor relationships, direct-to-customer sales, licensing and private labeling opportunities, product testing and identification of acquisition targets. His passion for organic agriculture and wealth of experience make him a perfect addition to the ONIT team.

Lynn Griffith Jr.


Lynn Griffith is a Florida-based expert agronomist who provides extensive consultation services in plant pathology, nematode analysis, plant disorders, nutrient recommendations and expert court testimony. He is a horticultural consultant to all facets of the industry from turf, nursery and farm to interior and exterior landscaping. His expertise extends into Agronomy, Plant Pathology, Nematode Analysis, Plant Disorder Consultant, Nutrient Recommendations and Expert Court Consultant as well as Horticultural Consultant to all facets of the Industry from Turf, Nursery, Farm, Interior & Exterior Landscaping, etc. Mr. Griffith works with some of the most famous and demanding brands in the world, including Smithsonian Institution, Walt Disney World Resort, Miami Dolphins, President Trump, Buckingham Palace, Gardens by the Bay in Singapore, Lloyd's of London, and many others.

Leyland Minter


Mr. Minter is a renowned Australian agricultural chemist, product developer and business development expert. He is taking an active role in the research and development of new ONIT products, while also heading the Company’s expansion efforts in Australia and New Zealand. He is tasked with assembling a world-class team of scientists to aid in the development, testing and productization of new technologies for ONIT Sciences. Mr. Minter holds a degree in agriculture economics and has worked as Chief Technical Officer with Geigy (now Syngenta) and has consulted with and created products for Dow Chemical and Scotts Miracle-Gro.

John K. Stroh


John K. Stroh is currently Senior Managing Director of Boustead Securities, LLC. Mr. Stroh’s focus is on capital raising, strategic partnering and M&A advisory services in the life science, medical device, healthcare IT and health care services sectors. Mr. Stroh has over 30 years of experience in senior management, operations, finance, investment banking and M&A, primarily in the medical technology space. Prior to Boustead Securities, Mr. Stroh was a Managing Director and led the healthcare team at Tellson Securities. Prior to Tellson, Mr. Stroh was also CEO of Nanospectra, LeuKoDx and Purewick which was sold to Bard in 2017. Mr. Stroh worked as a Managing Director and Vice President in the investment banking industry for Smith Barney, Shearson-Lehman Brothers, John Nuveen & Company and Piper Jaffray. During this period, he was instrumental in raising over $2 billion for client companies and consulted on over 100 M&A and strategic partnering transactions. He is on the Board of Directors for Orange Coast Memorial Hospital where he is also Chairman of the Finance Committee. He holds FINRA Series 82 and 63 licenses.

ONIT Sciences


2030 Main Street, Suite 660 Irvine,
CA 92614, USA



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