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Masterwork Solutions LLC


Masterwork Solutions LLC


Masterwork Solutions LLC

The foundation of masterworks; in building, art, music, or software systems, is the same.  It all rests on architecture.  After seventeen years of architecting and implementing robust systems for the financial industry, Chul Yoon, the Founder and Chief Technology Officer is pleased to announce the launch of Masterwork Solutions LLC.

Based in Great Falls, Virginia, the firm offers a range of consulting services to large, mid and small sized companies in the US and internationally: ranging from system architecture troubleshooting, to software system design, oversight, and implementation of software that forms the foundation of business success in a world increasingly dependent on reliable technology systems.

Services include:

    Assessing systems architecture already in use to troubleshoot and suggest improvements
    Designing systems architecture for projects from the ground up
    Taking existing but inefficient architecture to more seamless performance.
    Giving suggestions and oversight to in-house teams in order to implement an architectural plan
    Assisting in the building and implementation of original designs.

Masterworks Solutions is available to consult on projects for corp-to-corp (C2C) contracts either remotely, within a reasonable commuting distance, or a combination of both; interfacing with team leaders, key executives, and engineering talent. 

Companies working to bring themselves up to speed for IPO are strongly encouraged to be sure that the architectural integrity of their software systems will be something that they can count on to support their company aims, which will show them in the very best light to end users and investors.

You can schedule a phone or skype meeting to discuss your company's technology system for an overview. Protect the valuable investment you've already made in your company and ensure your success on firm foundations and the beauty of masterful software architecture that functions seamlessly and reliably; software that works.