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What is the "TestTheWaters™" program in Regulation A + ?

What is the  "TestTheWaters™" program in Regulation A + ?

Manhattan Street Capital gives companies the opportunity to “TestTheWaters™” and get feedback from prospective investors to help improve offerings.

Companies can solicit non-binding IndicationsOfInterest(TM) of investment dollars from prospective investors. This makes it easy for companies to find out if they can successfully raise money. They can refine their offering and make it more likely to be approved on FundAthena and ultimately more successful.

During the process, as a prospective investor, you get to offer insights and ask questions of the companies to help them refine their pitches. And ultimately you get to offer non-binding funding commitments so the companies can estimate investor interest. We charge $1,000 per month for it, paid in advance monthly.