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Which types of companies are most likely to succeed using Regulation A+ to raise capital

What types of companies does Reg A+ work best for?

Rollups in which companies acquire a series of companies are well suited especially because they can raise far more than $50 mill per year. See this FAQ for details

Private Equity Funds can use Reg A+ to raise large amounts of capital - $600 million per year is possible and far more. We expect they will become a major force in using Reg A+. See FAQ on this

Venture Capital funds that are 60% debt based (in the assets they hold) can also raise very large sized funds far in excess of $50 mill per year. See details

Real Estate is by far the largest sector of Reg A+ to date. See this Blog Post.

The chart below shows the number of successful Equity CrowdInvesting offerings that were completed from July 2012 through December 2015 on the UK platform Seedrs. The UK market is ahead of the US in equity crowd investing by approx 5 years.  Therefore the chart below may be reflective of the types of offerings we will see succeed in the US.