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What reports must I file with the SEC after my Reg A+ completes?

When a Reg A+ Tier 1 issuer completes it's Reg A+ it is required to file a Form 1-Z which states the amount of capital raised among other things.
Tier 2 issuers are not required to report how much capital they raised,

Reg A+ Reports
Tier 2 issuers are subject to an ongoing reporting regime. Tier 2 issuers that have completed their Reg A+ are required to file:

(1) annual reports on Form 1-K; (Including audited financial statements for the year ended (at the US- GAAP level).

(2) semi-annual reports on Form 1-SA; (No audit required on the financial statements)

(3) current reports on Form 1-U (current reports are for when a significant change in the business occurs - such as a new VP Sales is hired);

(4) special financial reports on Form 1-K and Form 1-SA;
Forms 1-A, 1-K, are filed through EDGAR.