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What is the "Company Offerings” Page in Regulation A plus?

What is the "Company Offerings” Page in Regulation A plus?

Manhattan Street Capital's "Company Offerings" page is an interactive platform that gives companies the opportunity to market their offering and to engage with prospective investors. Companies can make test offerings using test the waters, and in this phase, no investments can be made. This is also called TestingTheWaters(TM).

This is also the page where you will accumulate non-binding IndicationsOfInterest(TM) or ReservationsOfInvestment(TM) dollars from prospective investors. This makes it easy for companies to find out if they can successfully raise the capital they seek. During the process, companies get insights and can decide for themselves if this type of funding is right for them.

Getting the ReservationsOfInvestment(TM) dollar amount from our investors tells us  – and you – if your company can get funded before you spend time and money with the SEC Registration process. So it is a low-cost way for you to discover if Regulation A plus funding is a good fit for your capital raise.

As time passes, you will need to make your offering more specific, so that your investors can get a clearer and clearer view of what exactly your company does, what the planned use of the capital raised is, and what the terms are for your offering.  The more specific your offering gets, the more real the interest shown by investors in your offering becomes.

Engage with our community in an open manner! Share the journey and the experience! That way you will get the richest reward and feedback.

When your Reg A+ offering is Qualified by the SEC your company will be allowed to promote your offering on the Manhattan street Capital website and raise capital online.