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Details on Successful Regulation A+ offerings

  1. Issuers in 8 offerings had previously been S1 Reporting Companies and had terminated Exchange Act reporting prior to their Regulation A filing.

  1. 60% have recently conducted a Reg D offering to raise capital to pay for their Reg A+ offering. 

  2. Equity offerings accounted for the majority of offerings at 90% of Qualified offerings, with 10% debt.

  3. The average amount sought by a Tier 2 issuer in a given offering was $26 million among Qualified offerings. By comparison, the average amount sought by a Tier 1 issuer in a given offering was $7 mill.

  1. 80% of Tier 2 offerings are made on a delayed or continuous basis, compared to 32% of Tier 1 offerings.

  1. 50%+ of all issuers are incorporated in either Delaware or Nevada.

  1. Broker or agent fees of $400k for Tier 1 and $1.1 mill for Tier 2 on average.

  1. The SEC is Qualifying new offerings at a rate of 8 per month.

  1. Average employee count in Tier 1 is 18 and in Tier 2 it is 70.

Dated Dec Regulation A+: What Do We Know So Far"? "who wrote the articleAnzhela Knyazeva Thank you to  7th 2016 for the SEC. This is a superb source of information we have excerpted for the above FAQ.

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