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Manhattan Street Fund


Private offering for wealthy investors

Invest In Companies Developing Virus Tests, Treatments, Biotech, Real Estate, and More


We accept Checks, Wire, ACH, Debit and Credit cards.

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Invest in companies developing virus tests, treatments, Biotech, Real Estate, and in ground breaking Pre-IPO companies by Investing in the Manhattan Street Fund.

Your Investment In The Manhattan Street Fund will enable the Fund to invest in and lend capital to select companies that are developing virus tests, medicines, vaccines and related technologies that protect the public, and as stated, Pre-IPO and Pre-Public(*) Companies.

The Fund goes hand in hand with the Manhattan Street Capital Reg A+ capital-raising process and that of the entire Reg A+ marketplace in North America; lending and investing to provide capital to enable successful Reg A+ Public Offerings(*) and Major Exchange listed Reg A+ IPOs.

*(Note that the SEC considers any completed Reg A+ to be a Public Offering, and that most Reg A+ companies to not list on the OTC or on the NASDAQ).

We will also back companies in Biotech, Real Estate, Alternative Energy, and technologies and services that appeal broadly to consumers. The Fund will also make profit focused investments in companies and technologies that intend to reverse Climate Change in highly scalable ways.

The Fund intends to conduct a Reg A+ offering to raise $50M. By investing now in this Convertible Note, your investment will (at your option) convert into liquid Reg A+ shares/units at a current discount of 65%.

The Pre-Money Valuation of the Fund's Reg A+ will be $50mill at initial Qualification.

Make Your Investment Now To Lock In The Current Conversion Price of $2.20 per unit, these units will have a stepped up value of $4 each and will be liquid via the Reg A+ when* the SEC Qualifies the Reg A+ offering.

Other characteristics of the Manhattan Street Fund:

• Will lend and invest capital into select companies that are planning to raise up to $50M of capital via Reg A+.

• Will also finance a small number of Reg D offerings.

Manhattan Street Capital has strong deal flow and sees many attractive companies, some of which will be opportunistic investments for the Fund.


"Invest like a venture capitalist. This fund offers you the opportunity to get in early and participate in the potential upside of early stage companies that are on a growth path."


The Fund lends capital, and invests capital into companies that are preparing to raise capital and make a public offering via Reg A+.

Loans will be secured, and they will be repaid on terms that each company and the Fund negotiate, often from the proceeds of the Reg A+ offerings.

The Fund will buy securities and/or be provided warrants in the companies that it funds. The private valuation for the Manhattan Street Fund investments will be significantly lower than the upcoming Reg A+ offerings to the public. Stock purchased in the “Pre-Reg A” round can be made liquid in the subsequent Reg A+ offerings if they are Qualified by the SEC.

The MSFund capital can be recycled rapidly in many cases, which has the potential to increase the profit potential of the Fund significantly. In some cases these deals will be funded and capital returned to the Manhattan Street Fund in 6 months.

Manhattan Street Fund initial size: maximum $50 mill. As Reg A+ scales up, the number of companies conducting offerings is increasing, and the size of the Fund may be increased. Because Reg A+ offerings are public offerings from the SEC regulatory perspective, the liquidity and return metrics for this fund are very different than for a traditional Venture Capital Fund which gives potential for much faster liquidity for our fund (note that a traditional VC fund will invest almost all its capital as equity and will do very little lending, while the Manhattan Street Fund will be primarily lending and secondarily investing capital).

A key factor is selection of quality companies. This is made easier by the involvement of Rod Turner and Manhattan Street Capital with its deal flow and experience in the Reg A+ market. The Manhattan Street Fund Investment Committee will decide which companies get funded. This committee is independent and is focused on the interests of the Manhattan Street Fund and its investors. Risk will be further mitigated by delivering loaned capital in tranches tied to the accomplishment of milestones by the companies we are funding.

We accept Checks, Wire, ACH, Debit and Credit cards.

Our Team

As capital is raised the full-time team for Manhattan Street Fund will be built by Rod Turner, the founder and General Partner of the Fund. At this pre-funding stage, members of the Manhattan Street Capital staff are working part-time at the Fund.

Advisors and Investment Committee

The Manhattan Street Fund has assembled a team of independent advisors shown below, some of whom will serve on our Investment Committee. This experienced group of seasoned professionals will provide deal flow, advice, and investment selectivity to assist the Manhattan Street Fund to succeed.


our selection philosophy

The Manhattan Street Fund will invest in mid-stage companies and compelling startups that we consider a good fit for successful Reg A+ capital raises.

In our opinion, a company’s consumer appeal is the most important factor, once we have established the strength of the management team, a strong strategy, large and growing market, rapid growth rate and barriers to competition. A large and happy customer base and tremendous consumer appeal are very indicative of success.

Examples of current and completed offerings from Manhattan Street Capital that are indicative of the companies that the Manhattan Street Fund will be funding:

Arcimoto - Completed Reg A+ IPO to NASDAQ

GolfSuites - Completed Reg A+

InsituBiologics - Completed Reg A+

ERC Homebuilders - Current Reg A+

CloudCommerce - Current Reg A+ Secondary Offering

CalTier Realty - Current Reg A+

"As the Founder and CEO of Manhattan Street Capital I advise many companies that are considering raising capital using Reg A+. Since 2015 I have published many articles in Forbes and in the Manhattan Street Capital Blog about Reg A+ and how best to use it. My years in this role combined with my background as a serial entrepreneur, my involvement with two IPOs, my M&A experience, and my experiences building Irvine Ventures LP VC Fund and a long history raising startup capital for companies, have put me in an advantageous position to assess what works and does not work in Reg A+ and how to select suitable companies to lend to and invest in." Rod Turner, CEO of Manhattan Street Capital

We accept Checks, Wire, ACH, Debit and Credit cards.


Manhattan Street Fund LP intends to raise its first fund via a Reg A+ equity offering. By investing now in this Convertible Note**, your investment (if/when Qualified* by the SEC) will (at your option) convert into liquid Reg A+ securities at a significant discount from the $4 Reg A+ price giving you a stepped-up value on your investment.

The price for this second tranche of investment via Convertible Note is $2.20 per Unit. This price is available for a limited time.

This is a pre-money valuation of $27.5 million. The intended pre-money valuation for the Manhattan Street Fund in it’s Reg A+* at launch is $50 mill.

If you invest now into the Convertible Note your conversion cost per Unit will be $2.20 and your investment will convert into Units in the Reg A+* at the price of $4.00 (at the pre-money valuation for the Reg A+* of $50 mill).

The investor will receive the following (when the SEC Qualifies* the Reg A+):

The investments will convert into investments in the Reg A+ on the first day the Reg A+ is live to investors, and they will initially be priced at $4 per unit. This gives the investor a significant step up from their investment. Because the Reg A+ is a Public Offering these Units are tradable from the SEC perspective (which does not mean there will be a liquid aftermarket. The Fund plans to provide reasonable direct liquidity to investors).

Click the Reserve Now button to make a non-binding reservation in the Manhattan Street Fund LP Convertible Note. One of our team members will get in touch with you to enable your investment. We record the date and time of each reservation so that we can deliver fair and accurate access for each investor to the best available unit price – first come, first served.

When the SEC Qualifies* our Reg A+ offering, investors will have the potential to receive these benefits:

a) Capital appreciation of your Units in the Manhattan Street Fund LP

b) Earned interest on loans made by the Fund, and distributions on realized fund profits on investments made by the Fund

c) Direct, limited redemptions from the fund on reasonable terms


  • Conversion price / Unit ***


  • Total offering of up to

    $100 million

We accept Checks, Wire, ACH, Debit and Credit cards.

* There can be no guarantee that the SEC will Qualify the Offering.

** Note that investments into this Convertible Note convert automatically into an investment in the Reg A+ immediately upon SEC Qualification, at the stepped up price per unit of $4 per unit.

In the event that the Reg A+ does not Qualify then the Convertible Note investments convert into private investments at a pre-money valuation of $27.5 million.

*** This discounted price is available for a limited time.



• Our cooperation with Manhattan Street Capital, a leading Reg A+ funding platform and advisory service, will bring strong Qualified deal flow.

• The Manhattan Street Fund is led by Rod Turner who will build the management team of the Manhattan Street Fund and gradually reduce the role of Manhattan Street Capital team members as the full time team are brought on board. Recruitment will be tied to the influx of investment capital into the fund itself.

• Partnership and technology license from Manhattan Street Capital. MSC has licensed its proprietary algorithms to Manhattan Street Fund, and will provide deal flow, advice, and diligence as a service. MSC brings credibility and accelerated execution to Manhattan Street Fund.

• The Fund will pay its actual costs, and a management fee of 2% of capital plus 20% of profits to the General Partner and the management team of the Fund.



© Copyright 2020 Manhattan Street Fund, LP

Manhattan Street Fund | 4629 Cass Street, Suite 174, San Diego, CA 92109 | (858) 200-7136 |


April 26
Update - The Manhattan Street Fund per unit conversion price will increase on May 19th

The Manhattan Street Fund per unit/share conversion price will increase from $2.00 to $2.20 on May 19th at midnight Pacific time. If you invest now, your investment into the Convertible Note is planned to convert at $2.00** when the planned Reg A+ goes live.

If you complete your investment before midnight on Wednesday, May 19th you will get the $2.00 price.


**Manhattan Street Fund LP intends to raise its first fund via a Reg A+ equity offering. By investing now in this Convertible Note, your investment (if/when Qualified by the SEC) will (at your option) convert into liquid Reg A+ securities. at a 50% discount from the $4 Reg A+ price giving you a stepped-up value on your investment.


I look forward to you joining us!

April 12
Manhattan Street Fund Webinar - Update and Q&A with Rod Turner

Webinar topics: 


- Review the market environment
- Discuss the Fund strategy
- Types of companies that we will focus on
- Lending and investing mix
- How we intend the Fund will generate returns
- How will the Fund choose the companies it will invest in
- Deal Flow of attractive companies to fund
- Liquidity for Fund investors
- Questions & Answers


Click here to watch the webinar recording in a clickable indexed video format where you can select the part of the video you want to watch.

March 01
The conversion price will increase from $1.40 to $2 on March 10th.

The Manhattan Street Fund conversion price will increase from $1.40 to $2 on March 10th.

Complete your investment before midnight on the 10th of March to get the $1.40 price.

February 09
Update - Question on why we are selling ownership





January 18
Update On Deal Flow From Rod Turner




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Rod Turner on May 13
An investor asked me about IPO shares and how they will be delivered to our MSFund investors, my reply is below. When the Manhattan Street Fund distributes to its investors publicly listed stocks of the companies it has invested in which after we invested went public to the NASDAQ or the NYSE, we will establish ahead of time what brokerage account you want the shares transferred to and we will transfer your shares there.. If we take MSFund itself public to the NASDAQ, then there is likely to be a lockup of 6 months before insiders can sell their stock. The same approach will be taken to the transfer of your shares to your broker. If you do not have a US Stock Broker account, you can keep your shares at the Transfer Agent and access your account to see the value of your shares. My intention is that non-US investors that do not have a US stockbroker account will have the option to have the MSFund team sell your shares and send you the profits by wire transfer.

coolvigo on March 27
What is the exit plan for this fund. How do we make money later?

Rod Turner on March 30
Hi Coolvigo I am the General Partner of the MSFund LP. We don't commit to when there will be refunds. It would be imprudent to make promises of that kind. The intent of the fund is that it will generate strong capital and interest rate returns and that they will be distributed quarterly as they become available. I also intend to list the shares/units of the fund on an ATS (Alternative Trading System) market to provide liquidity when that is feasible and to provide limited direct redemption to our investors if the SEC allows it during our intended Reg A+ filing. There are no guarantees that we will be able to do these things. We are raising capital at the present, and the rate at which we raise capital will determine how long it takes us to begin investing and lending to companies, which will determine how long it takes for results to accrue. Let me know if you have further questions. Thank you Rod

GEN Dr. Hari Seldon Jr., USAF on March 13
Made an investment to the Manhattan Street Capital fund on behalf of the Imperial Air Force of United States Space Force Co towards continuing development of the humanity in the Aerospace works of U.S. Space Mission.

ArvindT on January 18
Hi Rod, Since the play for vaccines are already over atleast in ipo market with moderna/pfizer/jnj etc.. will there still be room for new vaccines or players to make profit once vaccines are distributed?? And how will this fund be able to make profits??

Rod Turner on January 29
Hi Arvin, The Fund is not limited to Vaccines in any way. We will be investing where we see the greatest potential for successful outcomes, which is a changing landscape. Biotech as a whole was already an attractive market to invest in before Covid, and the category has experienced a sizable uplift in interest as a result of Covid that extends far beyond vaccines. The Fund has great deal access through Manhattan Street Capital and we see many interesting businesses in fields that are highly strategic - I use the term strategic for companies that are leading edge in markets with favorable large trends that can provide great potential going forward. The Fund will also be lending and investing in select companies that are making Reg A+ offerings.

Victor on December 30
I'm a nonacredit investor I would like to know if it's any thing for me to invest in thanks so much victor

Rod Turner on January 04
Hi Victor. You cannot invest in this Reg D offering, but you will be able to invest in the Reg A+ the Fund when it goes live. For now, you can make a non-binding reservation on that offering via this page.

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