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WE ARE QMAGE Images Come Alive

Qmage represents a revolution in digital imagery that will change the way images are viewed and experienced.

The patented Qmage technology allows a single image to contain video, audio, text, ecommerce links, augmented reality and more; all securely hosted on the Qmage platform.

Qmage will also use blockchain technology and tokens to authenticate and reward users and vendors.

All this together may be the biggest change in images since color was introduced to photography

image description
image description


image description

Over a trillion images are captured worldwide each year and the number of mobile devices in use currently exceeds 7 billion.

The company’s monetization strategy leverages multiple revenue sources including sales to companies, advertising revenue and ecommerce purchases.

Qmage founder Leigh Rothschild is one of the most prolific inventors in the United States with a long history of successful ventures including several IPOs.

Qmage intends to follow this with a token offering and an IPO to bring further liquidity to investors.

We are offering a discounted share price to early investors on a first come, first served basis. Invest now to lock your position at the current discounted share price of $1.55

The Qmage Experience

Below is an example of a Qmage. By clicking on the image, you are able to access an audio file, a video file, text, and a link. All of this technology is patented with multiple issued patents and patents pending. Qmage can be used and monetized in many ways.

image description


INFOTRENDS estimates that 1.2 trillion images were captured in 2017. The opportunity to establish a massive user base that can be monetized through advertising and other revenue sources is immense.


Revenue Streams

The Qmage user base will be monetized through multiple revenue streams:

  • Advertisers who wish to market to users based on the detailed metadata collected from Qmage images.
  • Businesses wanting to run customized Qmage marketing campaigns to increase customer engagement.
  • Customers utilizing Qmage for ecommerce purchases.

Experienced Leadership

Our Founder and CEO, Leigh Rothschild is one of the most prolific inventors in the United States. He has licensed and sold patents to many Fortune 100 companies, including Apple and Intellectual Ventures. His technology s in use in most major automotive companies, retailers, digital imaging companies and many more. When you are issued a digital receipt, or share GPS addresses from a car to mobile phone, even scanning QR codes, you are utilizing technology invented and patented by Rothschild.


The Qmage Platform

There will be a free Qmage IOS and Android app. Once a picture is taken, key image data about the photo is automatically added. Users will then be able to add video, audio, text and links to the image. The Qmage image is automatically uploaded to the secure Qmage platform. Search functionality is provided to both the mobile device or desktop, allowing all users to build a secure visual library which can be accessed whenever they want.


Competitive Advantage

Qmage’s numerous patents and trademarks protect its technology. Our experienced management have the skills to navigate the world of IP. The management team has the experience to navigate the tricky world of IP and Qmage has spent more than two years building out its technology platform.


Here’s a list of some key features and benefits included with the Qmage technology:

Mobile application 01

Qmage will be used as a mobile application for taking pictures and can also be used as a desktop application with complete search functionality for the stored images.

Digital to Physical 02

Qmages can be both digital images stored on the internet or physical images containing scannable symbology. Whether digital or physical Qmage will be used and monetized with partnerships in various industries such as real estate, mess retailing, and many others.

image description

Most powerful metadata search 03

A Qmage image will automatically store more metadata on the image than any other app has ever stored. This metadata collection is what will allow Qmage to eventually become a potential advertising powerhouse.

It will also allow multi field searching meaning searching for pictures that match several criteria simultaneously such as owner, location, time, camera settings, weather conditions, and more. This is a major differentiating factor for Qmage.

Content rich images04

With the Qmage free app users can easily take pictures, add audio, video, text, ecommerce, and hyperlinks to the image, and store the image in the Qmage color. The image can be emailed to another person, uploaded to a website, or printed. When a user scans the image with the Qmage app they can access any of the information that was stored with the image.



Real Estate

A single printed or digital image can contain a video or a tour of a house, along with listing information and a link to the real estate agent. Attach a scannable Qmage image to real estate brochures, signs, and websites so that potential buyers can scan and learn all the information they need.


Post your image and tell your story to future generations. Easily create profiles which securely include video and important information such as any official records all connected to a single Qmage image.


With the Qmage technology, a car or a boat dealer can attach videos, ecommerce links and vehicle information to a single photo. The dealer can also email these images to any interested buyer.

Job Search

Make your online resume stand out with a Qmage image. When accessed that image can include an intro video, a short resume, and your LinkedIn or other contact information.


Scan a photograph while reading your favorite magazine or newspaper and get a whole lot more information including a video or audio on the image. If there’s an iconic news photograph you find and want to hang upon your wall, or maybe your child made the sports page of your newspaper and you want to get an image blown up, simply click on the image to access a link to purchase the rights to the photo.


Create Images that securely store all relevant information tied to a single image and also tie that image to the blockchain for authenticity. The same technology could bring Qmage tech to ID cards as well.

Photo printing

There are numerous photo printing sites and stores currently offering prints to users. Imagine the power of adding Qmage codes to these professionally printed photos, allowing the printing sites to upsell the full image experience.

Retail (clothing)

Qmage creates a wealth of cross selling opportunities for stores. For example by attaching a scannable image code to a suit the retailer can easily recommend shirt and tie combinations to match the suit. With the use of Augmented Reality (coming soon) Qmage can show how the garment will look on you. These cross selling and AR opportunities are available with any type of retail stores. Imagine scanning the Qmage code on a couch and seeing through AR how it would look in your living room or getting a recommendation on an end table to go with the couch. The possibilities for Qmage and retail are endless.


Imagine you own an art gallery or you are an artist trying to sell your work. You can easily capture your artwork with the Qmage app, add video or audio to the piece, plus an ecommerce link to allow a buyer to purchase the art. When a buyer sees your work, even if the gallery is closed and the buyer is looking through the window, they can receive complete information on the art and then have the opportunity to purchase. Qmage can become the art gallery’s best sales person.


We are offering a minimum investment of $1000, with a goal to raise up to $1.5 million. If you are interested in joining, please click the ‘Invest Now’ button. There are several investment levels being offered between $1.50 and $2.00 per share. It is being offered on a first come, first served basis.


Per offering valuation


Target capital raise


Minimum Investment


Price per share

Qmage Timeline

Sometimes the best way to see where you’re going is to look back at where you’ve been. The Qmage story began in 2000 and has incrementally grown to where it is now.


Learn about the company’s experienced management through the power of Qmage. Simply click on the image for full bios.

Leigh Rothschild

Leigh Rothschild

Founder & CEO

Chris Medinat

Chris Medina

Director of Operations

Scott Breitkopf

Scott Breitkopf

Chief Financial Officer

Valerie Belliveau

Valerie Belliveau

Project Manager, Lead Marketing & Business Development

Adam Diamond

Adam Diamond

General Counsel

Sai Thirumalashetti

Sai Thirumalashetti

Director Of Information Technology


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